PV Reactions Summer 2015 (Part 1)

Every anime season we are greeted with a host of new shows through sites like AniChart.  A number of these anime vying for our collective attention are teased with PV’s (Promotional Videos).  Now I could be a boring person and simply read the synopsis, but I like to watch the non subtitle PV’s and guess what the future has in store for these shows.  Of course after I watch the PV and react to it I’ll read the synopsis and see how much of a fool of myself I’ve made.  Also I’m only watching PV’s on anime I’m actually gonna watch and review. I might end up watching/reviewing others, but these are the ones I’m looking at now.  Plus some of the ones I want to watch don’t have PV’s.  So to start this blog off with a bang, let’s jump into the first one which is…


After watching this PV I have to wonder, right off the bat, why the hell the black haired guy (Nicolas Brown) couldn’t just answer the damn phone.  Throughout the PV we’re treated to many seedy underworld types, but no one that I’d consider “gangsta”.  That word brings to mind another kind of criminal element, and I’d say these guys are more like mobsters.  I enjoyed the fact that Nic’s apparently wielding a samurai sword in an area that looks European.  “That doesn’t stand out at all, and will never be a tell to rivals”, he said with heavy sarcasm.  The other main character (Worwick Arcangelo) is an eye patch wearing ladies man if we’re to take this video at face value.  I’d like to add that I can’t wait to hear Japanese voice actors pronounce the names of the main characters.  Judging by the end of the PV I’m going to venture a guess that our two anti-heroes are hitmen or bounty hunters with sordid pasts that are uncovered through the course of this show.

After reading the synopsis:

According the the synopsis our two protagonists are “handymen”, or mobsters willing to take jobs even seasoned gangsters wont touch.  They refer to Nicolas Brown as Nic which will be easy for the voice actors to get right, but they keep Worick’s name whole.  I’m guessing it’ll sound like Wo-ro-wi-ku, but who knows maybe the actors are good with strange names.  Anyway our two anti-heroes get themselves a job from a friend in the corrupt police department.  The job is to take down some new up-and-coming gang, but the job turns out to be more than they expected.  Ominous silence, fade to black, summer 2015.  I don’t think I was too far off.  The synopsis wasn’t much help though, guess I’ll have to watch this one and give her a proper review.  Look forward to it… or don’t I’m not the boss of you.


 God Eater

Even though this video was shorter, I really dug the “movie preview” vibe it went with.  Although the first shot of a large walled city also gave me “Attack on Titan” vibes too.  This PV is pact to the brim with very crisp animation, which makes sense since this is an ufotable anime.  For those of you who don’t know ufotable was the studio responsible for Fate/Zero and Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works, which were visually stunning.  Since this was a video game I was aware of, I’m somewhat certain the story will involve people from teens to 20’s fighting giant monsters with giant weapons.

After reading the synopsis:

Well I wasn’t too far off base, color me shocked.  The synopsis deals with giant beings known as “Oracle cells” ravaging humanity in the early 2050’s.   These creatures, like many giant human killing monsters, are immune to our standard human weaponry.  However the last hope for humanity is an elite group of fighters using living weapons called “God Arcs”.  These weapons incorporate Oracle cells to bring down the beast they were made from.  Something tells me there will be more to this sordid tale, so yet another one I’ll be watching closely.


 Sore ga Seiyuu

There’s a good portion of the beginning of this PV that suggests it’s a manga adaptation.  It also suggests the female in it talks to a stuffed animal, and it talks back to her… insanity is always fun.  After all that manga stuff we’re treated to plenty of comedic looking scenes featuring mostly female characters who seem to be voice actresses.  I’m somewhat hoping for a SHIROBAKO feel to it, where the anime itself explains an aspects of the anime industry.  Kind of like an anime-ception thing going on.  Then again it could just be a moe (cutesy show) that’s just there for comedic value, either way though this show has my interest.

After reading the synopsis:

I was right on the money about the manga adaptation.  Apparently it’s a four panel manga that focuses three new voice actresses on their road through the industry.  The show will be mostly comedy, so I’m looking forward to a lighthearted show in this one.  Unfortunatly the synopsis doesn’t give us much more than that, and that the manga was released at Comiket in 2011.  Comiket is a large convention held in the winter and summer in Japan.  I reall wish they’d tell me why that girl was talking to the stuffed animal, and more so how it was responding to her.  Still as it is a comedy I guess I shouldn’t expect much in the way of revelation.  Just gonna have to sit back, and let the laughs roll in… hopefully.


First post! Huzzah!

First post! Huzzah!

Well there’s the first 3, of my first post, of my first series!  Huzzah!  Banzai!  Confetti throwing!  Confetti cleaning up, why did I throw that?!?  Look forward to more reactions soon, and new series to follow.  I’m very excited to start this off with the summer season 2015, since there seem to be a good bunch of shows coming out soon.  Follow me on Facebook and Twitter to know when I’ve posted something here, or when I decide to rant out of boredom or drunkenness.  Alternate option is to leave me a comment here, the anime conversation is one I’m always willing to have.

Arigatō my fellow BrOtaku!


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