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Lists seem to be integral to the queue of most opinion based blog posts, and since I don’t wish to be shunned by the collective I figured I might as well start some as well.  I can’t claim these are my “Top 5”, after all better ones might come along and take their places.  These posts will be a series of 5 kick ass examples of the subject line, and there might be 5 more down the line.  Aptly starting out the list is…

Anime Openings

For those of you in the dark, an anime opening (OP) is a sort of music video that comes at the beginning of each show.  Some shows have multiple OP’s for multiple seasons or cores.  These videos often give the tempo of the show (not always), and in some cases even some foreshadowing (or outright spoilers).  So with that little introduction out of the way, my first kick ass OP is…


Did you catch the meaning of this anime in its OP?  If you answered pure unadulterated madness you’re absolutely correct.  Nichijou’s ability to give you a preview of it’s insane plots (there are many) in under 2 minutes is nothing short of amazing.  They cover almost every character, and show the personalities of all the main characters off in their crazy video!  If you watch Nichijou you almost never skip the OP because it’s fun, hilarious, and (most importantly) readies you for the coming comedic madness.

Mirai Nikki (Future Diary)

Alright time to bring you down after all that levity.  Mirai Nikki’s OP is perfect for its anime as well, as the whole show is set in a survival horror game.  Not a video game mind (this isn’t SAO), shit gets REAL.  Re-watching this one actually revealed a crucial bit of foreshadowing near the end that I haven’t caught till now.  Watch the show on Funimation(link below), and see if you find it your first watch through.  Hint: Just like the OP, the foreshadowed event is near the end of the show.

Soul Eater


My love for Soul Eater’s first OP is mostly for the song.  I enjoy the way it sets the tone for each episode and really puts you in the quick paced action of the Soul Eater universe.  The video is nice enough to introduce you to all the major characters in the series as well.  I have to admit, in the Navy a friend and I actually had a kind of dance for this OP that we’d do when we watched the show.  Yup like 5-year-olds watching Power Rangers.  No you cannot see the dance!

Samurai Champloo

Easily one of my favorites is the OP for Samurai Champloo.  The hip-hop sounds mixed with the traditional Japanese art blend together perfectly, which isn’t something you’d expect anyone to say before this show aired.  It encapsulates the director, Shinichiro Watanabe’s, ability to seamlessly blend genres to create one of a kind works of anime art.  I especially love the still shots of Japanese animal paintings that put you in the feel of the era.  Speaking of Watanabe-san anime…

Cowboy Bebop

You knew it was coming.  I feel like I’m cheating by putting two Watanabe directed anime in this list, but I wouldn’t do it if they weren’t so damned good.  Cowboy Bebop’s OP (like Samurai Champloo’s) shows off the anime’s strengths beautifully.  One would never suspect the mixture of space, cowboys, and jazz would work together.  One viewing of the OP tells you otherwise, and the anime it leads into is one of the classics (god that’s weird to say).  I strongly urge you to check out the full version of the song “Tank” as well.  It’s even better at full length, if you can imagine that.  Oh and also watch the anime… wait. Why haven’t you watched it yet?!?

Mic drop in 3, 2 , 1…

What did you think of my short musical interlude?  Let me know if you want to see more of these, and tell me what some of your favorite OPs and EDs are.  I’m going to have to do another one of these soon anyway though.  While looking up awesome OPs from anime past I stumbled on tons more OPs that I loved, and there are more coming out each season.  I listen to some OP/ED/OST songs while at work, so I’ll definitely have another batch in the near future.  Hope you enjoyed, and till next I write…

Arigatō my fellow BrOtaku!



Actual Video Sources (Not YouTube):

Unfortunately no American company has licensed Nichijou so here’s a link to Kyoto Animation’s Site, and a questionably legal link to an episode on YouTube… enjoy.

Mirai Nikki OP : Soul Eater OP : Samurai Champloo OP : Cowboy Bebop OP

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Meiko Mic Drop

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