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If you follow my social media (like I know you do), you know that I’ve been playing the absolute shit out of Kantai Collection.  This gave me the idea to throw some games into the mix, since anime fans are usually also gamers in one way or another.  The stipulation I’ll put on this is that the games I talk about have to be of Japanese origin to keep it in line with the original subject matter.  Sorry CoD or Halo fans no BrOtaku for you!  Although I suspect my blog has too many words for the average shooter fan anyway.

Here shooter fans, boobs.

Kantai Collection (Kancolle for short) is a browser game that is playable on  Like most browser games it is dominated by time tables and level challenges that you overcome by grinding your ship’s levels up.  The “ships” in question are called “fleet girls” and the enemy are called “abyssals”.  The fleet girls are described as, “girls with the souls of warships long past”, and those warships are WWII era Japanese ships.  There are a couple German ships as well, but as of yet there are no other nation’s ships taking part in the battle against the abyssals.   The work of the artist NOV makes me hopeful for possible USN fleet girls though!

“Jersey looks good” -No One, Ever.

Browser games like this are great for work, as you can play in set it and forget it mode.  Most activities from building new ships, to sending fleets on expeditions for materials are simple click and wait affairs.  The strategy comes in the sortie missions.  There are multiple sortie worlds of 4 or more maps, many of which require certain fleet compositions to complete.  Adding to the sortie strategy is the formation decision before engaging an enemy fleet.  These formations are weak in some ways and strong in others, making the choice of formation a large factor in most battles.  Each ship’s stats take over after the admirals (your) choice of formation, so the battle is half won in the planning stage.

The ships don’t always do what you want.

The game is entirely in Japanese making it difficult to play, but there are a few ways around that.  I just play with the wiki page up in a separate window.  I then match the kanji between the two screens so I know what I’m doing.  Supposedly there’s a way to play and see everything in English, but I read that program only works well with internet explorer.  I’ll be deep in the cold cold ground before I use IE for anything other than downloading another browser. In the end you have to really want to play the game, but if I haven’t dissuaded you yet you can learn everything you need to know here.  If you want to watch the anime before you decide (like I did) you can do that at Crunchyroll.

Don’t expect this level of animation in the game though.

Let me know if you end up trying out this game, and if you’ve played it before let me know what you think of it.  If you have trouble getting into the game I’m also happy to help you in registering for and learning the basics of the game.  Lastly let me know of any Japanese games you’d like me to try out… within reason of course.  While I’ve played a fair share of eroge, but I don’t think I’ll be reviewing them anytime soon.  Well I’m off to play more Kantai Collection, so till next time…

Arigatō my fellow BrOtaku!


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  1. I’m gonna assume you’ve played the Touhou games, and if not, ye gods man, go play them.

    P.S. I’ve got a buddy who played a lot of KanColle and he was never able to get it in English. Not that it matters much, apparently.

    • No I’ve played a few visual novels and a ton of eroge, but never a Touhou game. I have no idea where to start with that series. Where do I pick those games up?

      • I just googled ’em and found free downloads (no viruses or nothin’). Then I put ’em on USB thingies and put ’em on my laptop so I can also play at school instead of doing anything productive. I could in theory just gibe you my USB thingy but y9ou never hang with us anymore =(

        Good one to start with would be #8, Imperishable Night. It’s not too hard compared to some of the other ones and it has a useful as fuck practice feature that some of the other ones lack.

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