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I have some apologizing to do.  I really didn’t plan out a post for today, so I’m literally doing this the night before.  Anime Expo 2015 was glorious chaos that left me a tired, hungover mess at the end of it all.  I can’t express in words how exhilarating it was to be so immersed in our element (read: hungover), so I’ll let my some pictures serve as my voice in this matter.  Enjoy my BrOtaku!



Started the AX2015 with a bang or two

I found many a cosplayer interested in sharing their… wisdom

Some of the cosplay I saw blew my mind!

I wished for panties like Oolong did.

There was way too much cool shit to buy!

And buy I did. Guess who’s my favorite girl from µ’s!

The nostalgia was real with the old school costumes!

Some cosplay I didn’t know about… and didn’t care.

Of course Deadpool had to drop in as well…

…and promptly got into some trouble.

Cosplay combat, the only way to prove your fandom!


Overall three huge things happened to me at Anime Expo 2015.

One is that I got to meet Toshio Maeda, creator of La Blue Girl! Also Bosshi who signed an AX exclusive manga for me.

I also got to go to a Momorio Clover Z concert which was a blast!

And last but not least, I WON FREE SENTAI ANIME FOR A YEAR! Expect reviews!

That’s pretty much it in a nutshell.  I’m dead tired, so I’m going to sleep since I have work in the morning.  Please remember to follow my social media pages, including my new instagram page (the_brotaku_blog).  There you’ll find more pics of the event!  I’ll be back to being your word monkey come Wednesday, so expect a post then.  Until then…

Arigatō my fellow BrOtaku!


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