Spring 2015 Review (Part 1)

Well as one anime season open so must the previous close, unless you’re a time traveler of course.  In which case bring me a taco from the future, because I’m very hungry (focus dammit).  Future tacos not withstanding, it’s time you hear my verdict on the anime I watched this season.  I’ll try to keep them brief since I watched a lot of them, and I’ll also try my best not to spoil anything big.  First up…

Is it Wrong to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon?

Yup, that’s the title.

The long titled anime from J.C. Staff came to us in early April, and many predicted that this would be an adventure very similar to Sword Art Online (SAO).  Well with a few minor details they were pretty right.  However this did not spoil the show for me as I quite enjoyed SAO.  The basic story is that pretty boy (Bell Cranel) is a fledgling adventurer who wants to grow stronger to impress a girl he meets in the dungeon.  Adventurers are bound to god/goddesses to give them power and thus they join that deity’s “familia”.  Bell’s goddess is Hestia (boob ribbon) who has only him as a familia member.  After each day in the dungeon Hestia reads Bells “stats” through a tattoo on his back.  After Bell’s whirlwind encounter with the aforementioned dungeon girl, his stats begin to rapidly increase.

Speaking of rapidly increasing…

Dungeon’s spoiler free story aside, the animation in this show was pretty well done. I enjoyed the character designs (especially Hestia) and many of the backdrops were good looking.  The only gripes I have are that some of the backdrops in the dungeon itself got repetitive, and the last fight had this weird persisting red tint to it that threw me off.  The story was mostly solid, though it’s clear by the end that there has to be at least one other season in the works.  The opening song was good, but I wouldn’t write home about the sound track (who writes home).  Overall this was a pretty good show that I’ll probably buy on blu-ray, but not as spectacular as expected in my opinion.

Plastic Memories

Robots and romance. What could go wrong?

Plastic Memories started off probably very strong in the spring 2015 season.  The anime takes place in a world were intelligent androids called “Giftia” are a well established commodity that are used for all sorts of jobs.  These giftia are very human like in nature, and the people who live and work with them quickly form attachments to them.  However the drawback to this marvel is the service life on giftia is short, and if the service life is exceeded the android becomes uncontrollable and dangerous.  For this reason the company that makes the androids (SAI Corporation) has people who retrieve giftia before this happens.  Enter Tsukasa Mizugaki a young man who gets a job at SAI Corp as a retriever.  He is paired with Isla, a giftia who doesn’t seem to have any responsibility at the company.  Plastic Memories from then asks the question “What would you do with a limited life span”, and proceeds to answer it with a gripping story.

The comedy bits are good too!

The animation for Plastic Memories is absolutely stunning, especially in it’s character designs.  Each key scene is made that much more impactful by the excellent animation and soundtrack.  The characters are all pretty fleshed out though you spend most of the show focused on Tsukasa and Isla.  The fact that the romance in the story takes place between a human and a giftia is an interesting twist to the show.  Most “android” storylines focus on the ethical aspect of creating artificial life, where Plastic Memories pushes past that argument like it doesn’t exist.  I found that approach to this type of story refreshing.  Overall it’s one of my top picks for spring 2015, so you should probably watch it.

Winner: Plastic Memories

Again there were quite a few shows that I watched this last season, so I’m stopping here to give your brain a break.  Also you need time to marathon these shows depending on whether or not they sound good to you.   I will be at Anime Expo 2015 this weekend so expect content born of that trip to follow.  Check out my social media for updates during the con as well!  Till next time…

Arigatō my BrOtaku!


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Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon? : Hestia’s Bath Time : Plastic Memories : Isla’s Mess : Yahello Michiru-San!

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