Spring 2015 Review (Part 2)

Second round of spring reviews!  Again I’ll try not to spoil too much, so you can go out and binge watch these shows at your leisure.  Right formalities out of the way let’s do this!


Colorfully crazy.

Every now and then it’s good to see a show “take the piss out of itself” so to speak.  ETOTAMA is not at all a serious show, and that is clear from the start of episode one.  The humor is very chaotic with characters consistently breaking the fourth wall and using slapstick comedy.  There are a couple weird serious moments in the show too, which I found a little odd but not completely out of place.  Still if you’re looking for a thought provoking show, you can keep right on scrolling past this one.

How can you scroll past this?!?

The basic story is that Nyaa-tan, a cat girl god… thing, wants to join the Chinese zodiac.  In order to do so she must firs challenge and defeat the 12 zodiac animal girls.  Being a crass cat girl, Nyaa-tan ends up bumming around Takeru Amato’s house while she attempts so do this.  The battles take place in an alternate plane, where everything is CG and chibi to the extreme.  If you enjoy your stories with a large helping of crazy, you’ll get a kick out of this one!

Sound! Euphonium

Cute girls and big horns… not those horns, pervert.

Sound! Euphonium was my favorite show for spring 2015.  Every week I looked forward to the newest episode and I enjoyed every second of it.  The animation was phenomenal, especially in key moments of the show.  Of course being a show about music the soundtrack was very good as well, but the creators took it a step further.  They made sure to add subtle flaws in the music to show the progression of the characters while learning their parts in the song.  While the story did take some slight detours, it never veered too far off the main goal.  Character interactions were fluid, and the whole anime just felt natural.

Animation Level = God Like

I could sit here and gush about the visuals and music all day, but I should probably also give you a bit of story to get you into it as well.  Kumiko Oumae has been a euphonium player in band since elementary school.  When her middle school band failed to make it to nationals during her last year, her band mate (Reina Kousaka) and her had a bit of a falling out.  Now that Kumiko is a first year in high school she finds herself back in band class, though a band class that is god awful.  Reina goes to her school too, which makes Kumiko nervous about joining the band in the first place.  Despite the band’s poor performance, they band together (see that?) to try to make it to nationals.  If my short explanation doesn’t at all sell you, let me just say there’s quite a bit of yuri in this one too.  Enjoy.

Yuri scenes make everyone happy.  More yuri please.

 Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign

Post apocalyptic shonen.

Of all the anime of spring Seraph of the End’s first episode was the biggest shock.  The opening, the soundtrack, and most of the artwork had me from the very beginning.  However the story, and action kind of threw me off.  After the thrill of the first episode the show starts to wane in terms of urgency.  Even when it does pick up about midway through there were either too many dramatic pauses in the action, or the action itself was off screen.  Not wanting to spoil too much I will say they have confirmed a second season in October, and hopefully they fix some of the issues I had.  If they don’t I might just have to drop this one.

Don’t give me those eyes, you know what you did!

The story is set in a post apocalyptic world where a virus has killed off most of the adult population.  Vampires come out from hiding to protect their food source from extinction by turning the remaining child population into livestock.  Yuuichirou was an orphan before the virus, and he lives with Mikaela and his other fellow orphans in the vampire’s “care”.  I really do not want to spoil the first episode since it’s really good, but suffice to say shit gets crazy from episode one.  It calms down (a lot) for the next few episodes, then it jumps from excitement to “dramatic moments” that take too long for my taste.  I really hope this turns into something better when it comes back because there is a lot of potential here!

Winner: Sound! Euphonium, because yuri.

Well another day another post.  Did you see any of these shows?  Write me to tell me how right, wrong, or stupid I am.  Hopefully these first episodes for summer will go by faster so I can get to binge watching the anime I bought at Anime Expo.  I really want to watch “Wanna be the Strongest in the World”!  Till tomorrow…

Arigatō my fellow BrOtaku!


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  1. I loved Hibike Euphonium. My only complaint is how constrained the ending was before we even got there. After they shot down the yuri (those bastards), there were only 2 real options on how the show would end: pass or fail. There are no surprises to be had.

    Sure, they could’ve pursued some of the other plot lines, but meh. Reina being in love with Taki-sensei? creepy if he did anything other than instantly shoot her down. Kumiko and trumpet player guy? but … but he’s a guy! ewwww! Kumiko makes up with her sister? Who cares? Her sister doesn’t even have a name as far as I remember. So all we’re left with is the outcome of the competition, and by then most viewers are already mentally prepared for either outcome so there’s no emotional shock to be had.

    • (SPOILER ALERT… though I have a feeling I have very few readers lol) Well at least the ending left it open to another season. I think the single plot line was good for this show, especially since it was a show about a band. All the smaller stories were about members either progressing, getting their heads out of their asses, or dropping out. The end were the best of the group playing as one, and the end result could only be pass or fail. The fact that they passed opens a possible second season up to picking up old stories like Reina X Kumiko or any of the disgusting false ships you mentioned. Also the third years will have a story in trying to balance Nationals practice with college entrance prep.

      I’m hoping they announce a second season soon. I’m not sure how long I can wait to see the Asuka, Kumiko, Reina, and Sapphire-chan again! I also can’t wait for the Blu-ray of this, the animation was the best of spring in my opinion.

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