Summer 2015 Episode 1 Reviews (Part 2)

There were so many good first episodes this season that I’ve been spending almost every minute of my free time watching anime.  I suppose this is a good problem to have, but I’m falling behind in the Nozomi event of the Love Live app!  So let’s knock this one out quick!

 Actually, I Am

One guy, lots of girls? I’m in.

This oddly titled show had a pretty strange episode one.  First off the opening song was great, but the video was strange.  I’m sure everything in the opening video will be explained in the series though (hopefully).  I did enjoy the way the episode gave you the ending (sort of) first and then proceeded to fill in the blanks after.  The only problem I had was in some of the animation of the facial features of the main character.  Otherwise this is another show to add to my weekly watch list.

How could I not watch this?

I don’t want to spoil the episode one plot too much.  The story focuses on Asahi Kuromine who is physically incapable of telling a lie or keeping a secret.  This leads to him being friends with a small number of guys.  Asahi has a crush on class recluse Youko Shiragami and his friends convince him to confess his feelings for her.  When he finds her alone in their classroom he learns her big secret (no spoilers!).  Now he is faced with his hardest challenge yet, keeping a secret so that the girl he loves can stay in school.  Not expecting a huge plot from this one, but I’m looking forward to the comedy.

Snow White with the Red Hair

Once upon a time… wait. Wrong Snow White.

I was expecting a fairy tale (not the anime) type story with this one and I wasn’t disappointed.  Well not with episode one at least.  The setting took place in what looked like a Renaissance era city that looked straight out of Disney.  No musicals though thankfully.  The character animation and backdrops were outstanding, and the music fit the setting nicely.  No complaints about the show, but I am curious to know where it goes from the first episode.

Tale as old as time… DAMN IT! Stop thinking Disney!

The first episode focuses on our red haired heroine (Shirayuki) and her flight from her home.  Shirayuki is a medicine woman with incredibly rare red hair.  The local prince (Raji) decides that Shirayuki should be his concubine and sends a goon to tell her so.  Not wanting to play “trophy red head” to a spoiled prince, our protagonist leaves her homeland for the border.  On the border she meets and befriends a young man named Zen.  However the spurned prince won’t be denied his concubine and he comes after her.  I won’t spoil the end of the episode for you, but if you’ve seen a Disney movie you know where this is going.  Again I’m very curious to see where the story goes from here.


Sweet Zues on Olympus, THANK YOU!

If the picture caption doesn’t tell you I AM A HUGE MOSTER MUSUME MANGA FAN!  Ahem, sorry for yelling in type.  The animators at Lerche (the studio) have done a fantastic job translating the first episode from the beginning of the manga.  The characters look just like they do in the manga, and they sound like you’d expect them to!  I really liked the fact that the opening had the main girls, and the ending had the side characters in it.  If I had to criticize one thing (but I don’t want to) it’s the censorship on Crunchyroll, but then again I can wait for the Blu-ray uncensored version.

Dakimakura covers incoming!

For you poorly educated individuals who haven’t been paying attention to the manga (kidding) the story is basically an ecchi harem featuring monster girls.  The Japanese government enacts a cultural exchange program to allow extra species people to live among humans.  Kimihito Kurusu is a mistaken human sponsor for a  Lamia (Snake girl) named Miia.  Due to his “kindness” Miia falls for Kimihito (“darling”) however extra species relationships are forbidden.  After this hilarity and ecchi ensue as more girls show up.  Get ready to enjoy this one… away from friends and family.


Do I really have to say which show won?!?

I’m almost done with episode one reviews! Did you enjoy any of these first episodes?  If you watched Monster Musume then I’ll assume the answer is a resounding “Hell Yes”, but still take the time to tell me here or on social media.  I’m also up for suggestions on anime you want me to review, but for the love of Odin don’t say something stupid (like Boko no Pico). I wasn’t born yesterday nor am I new to anime.  Well see you again tomorrow, and as always…

Arigatō my fellow BrOtaku!


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Actually, I Am Cover : Snow White with the Red Hair Cover : Monster Musume Cover

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