Summer 2015 Episode 1 Reviews (Part 4)

I was gonna rest for the duration of my weekend, but after seeing this second anime on the list I had to write.  The mind fuck of it all compelled me to tell you all how crazy it was.  Plus I’m super behind and sleep is for the weak.  So here you go you lucky bastards!

Seiyu’s Life

So. Much. Moe!

Going into Seiyu’s Life I was expecting a more cutesy version of SHIROBAKO.  I was pretty much right on the money.  I can’t say I’m a big fan of the character animation, though they’re cute.  The amount of time they spend in an over exaggerated state of distress it too long for my taste.  The opening and ending themes were nice, but not groundbreaking.  It sometimes felt like an educational film with all the exposition on voice acting stuff.  Still I suppose it’s helpful since I know nothing about voice acting.  This might actually be one I drop though.

A lot of this happens!

This one starts off with main character (Futaba Ichinose) talking to a stuffed animal to pump herself up.  It then launches into her life as a starting voice actress.  Throughout the episode the stuffed animal explains idioms and aspects of the voice acting industry.  Futaba meets several industry veterans and is constantly distressed and embarrassed.  That’s really the meat of this episode, the characters act out some lines, and Futaba is bad at it because she’s new.  It was cute at times, but most of the time I found it kind of annoying.  I’ll give it two more episodes before I drop it.

School Live


School Live! (Gakkou Gurashi) is a very moe style show with cute girls doing cute things.  The animation is pretty crisp for a moe, and as expected the opening theme was adorable.  However there is a hidden side to this show that kinda threw me for a loop.  Had I read the synopsis I wouldn’t have been so caught off guard, but then hindsight is 20/20.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about DO NOT read my next paragraph before you watch it.  See how many of the clues you pick up on throughout the episode.

Standard moe right? WRONG! FLOG YOURSELF!

SPOILER ALERT!  The story centers on Yuki Takeya who loves school, and the School Life Club for which she is a member.  Her dog Taroumaru goes with her to her club room and stays there while she attends class.  During class the dog gets out and Yuki and her club mate Miki Naoki are forced to run around school trying to catch him.  When they finally do get him and put him on a leash Yuki remembers that she forgot her backpack in her classroom.  Miki goes to make sure Yuki is alright and that’s when they drop the fucking bomb!

Bitch be CRAZY!

That’s right, it’s all in Yuki’s head!  She’s happily traipsing around a school that is surrounded by zombies, and her friends are perpetuating her madness.  They keep her safe, grow food on the roof, and keep feeding into her belief that everything is normal.  The best part is all the little hints the show drops you throughout the episode.  A barricade here, a wooden cross there, and a chalk board filled with odd writing.  There are more I uncover the more I rewatch it!  This show has my UNDIVIDED attention… well played School Live, well played.

Castle Town Dandelion

Brady Bunch meets X-men

Castle Town Dandelion was one from the PV posts I was interested in.  The first episode didn’t blow me away with visuals or music, but it was interesting none the less.  It established a universe and used it’s ridiculous premise to explain its character’s abilities.  It’s fairly easy to see this will be a comedy, but there might be an underlying tension between the siblings in the show.  Keep an eye on this one, it might just surprise us… or it’ll be total crap.  Who knows?

Well I WAS gonna watch hentai, but now…

Dandelion is set in a country run by a king.  The king has several children, each of whom have a special power.  The king (in his infinite wisdom) decided that the citizens should choose the heir to the throne, and said citizens should be able to monitor his children almost 24/7.  Despite having a father with the decision making power of Napoleon in Russia, most of the princes/princesses are fine with this arrangement.  The only character with a shred of sanity, and thus the main character, is Akane who despises being constantly watched.  This first episode showed off each character’s power in a way that fit the storyline, though if you asked me to remember all their names after the episode I’d laugh at you.  Akane is my favorite in this one so far, but we’ll see how I feel later in the show.  I’m pretty fickle like that.

School Live wins, because SHOVEL LOLI!

I think I’m getting close to done with these.  Then I can write about different anime related stuff.  I hear your thinking, “But BrOtaku it’s your site, cant you just write about whatever you want?” To which my response would be, “Shadaap you, I’ll decide when to be an individual and when to be a mindless writing drone!”  So in conclusion my daily writing binge is almost at an end, but look forward to different posts in the future.  You know the drill…

Arigatō my fellow BrOtaku!

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