Summer 2015 Episode 1 Reviews (Part 5)

This will be the last of these till next season’s start.  Any shows I didn’t mention were ones I wasn’t very interested in, or it’s a short and I’m not going to find a lot to say about a 3 to 10 minute episode.  I do like My Wife is Student Council President and Million Doll, so I’ll probably review these shorts at the season end.  Alright enough of my yapping, you came here for ANIME!

Sky Wizards Academy

The title is pretty self explanatory.

With the excellent starts to the season by other anime, Sky Wizards Academy is very middle of the pack in its beginning.  The animation didn’t blow me away, but it wasn’t terrible.  The opening theme had a good song, but mediocre visuals.  The bright point of this is the story of a fallen hero training a class of rejects (albeit good looking rejects) in a “Rocky” style turn around story.  In the big picture this is a show I’m going to watch, because I’m curious about the main character’s back story and I enjoy harem shows.

The girls with large weapons are also a plus.

Sky Wizards Academy starts off with main character (Kanata Age) fighting with his friends against a horde of flying robotic looking insects.  He tells his friends to leave him behind while he covers their escape, and then the opening theme starts.  When we rejoin our hero, its some time later and many are calling him a traitor.  This is what piqued my interest about the show since they offer no explanation for this.  The rest of the episode is Kanata meeting his three future pupils (Rico Flamel, Lecty Eisenach, and Misora Whitale) and being called a pervert by all three.  Pretty regular start for this kind of anime, but who knows it might surprise us.


Weird, but a good weird.

Overlord caught me completely off guard as I hadn’t really read or seen anything about it.  The story is very reminiscent of SAO or .Hack in that it’s set in an MMO universe.  I really liked the CG they had in this one, particularly the skeletons in the first scene.  It’s one of those shows where CG and traditional animation blend seamlessly.  The opening theme is pretty good in this one, and I might buy the song when it comes out.  I am curious if this one will have a lot of ecchi in it, because the ecchi in episode one bordered on necrophilia.  Still I enjoy weird reverse bad guy story lines, so I’m really looking forward to this one.

Albedo. Stupid name, awesome character… so far.

So far the story was pretty light, but I think it’s setting us up for a good time.  The setting is a game called Yggdrasil which is about to close down its servers and end the game.  A player and guild leader named Momonga walks around his guild hall before the servers die out.  As he does he makes slight alterations to his hall’s NPCs and then dozes off expecting to be kicked from the game.  When he wakes up he finds not only is he still in the game, but he is now a part of it.  His user interface has vanished, and the formerly silent NPCs are now alive and talking.  With this Momonga (who looks like a lich) assembles his minions to asses the situation that he finds himself in.  I’m hoping this show turns into the Momonga being the unlikely good guy in a world that would judge him by his appearance.

 Rampo Kitan: Game of Laplace

Murder mystery, and a trap.

Another show that came out of left field for me was Rampo Kitan.  In the opening minutes of this show I briefly thought about dropping it, while wondering what the hell I was watching.  The opening didn’t help to solve the puzzle either.  The animation in the beginning was a little jarring as many of the side characters were portrayed as ghost like grey outlines.  Still after the midway point this show opens into a mystery that I’m hoping persists throughout the season!

Sensei you look… different today.

The mystery begins with Yoshio Kobayashi waking up on the floor of his classroom holding a saw.  At the other end of the room is the horribly dismembered corpse of his homeroom teacher.  The police investigate the murder but decide not to detain Yoshio.  When school starts again Yoshio and his friend (Souji Hashiba) seek out the high-school-aged detective handling the case (Kogorou Akechi).  Bored of his day to day life, Yoshio asks Kogorou to be his assistant, and Kogorou says yes so long as he can solve this murder.  He then has Yoshio arrested to up the stakes of their wager, and thus the game is set.  I’ll be honest I wasn’t expecting a murder mystery anime this season, I really need to read EVERY synopsis.  My laziness aside this one’s very good so far, so you should watch it!

Winner Overlord, for having a Lich as the main character.

I know what you’re thinking and no I’m not reviewing Prison School.  I read pretty far into the manga and dropped it.  All you need to know is  if you like S&M, Domination, or INCREDIBLY awkward sexual situations then Prison School is for you.  The animation and character art, especially for the guys, doesn’t do it for me though.  Also Classroom Crisis bored me to tears, so if I hear about it being worth watching later I’ll review it.

Thus ends the review/impression part of the season, let me know what you thought!  Hit me up on social media to tell me what you think of these anime too!  Till Wednesday…

Arigatō my fellow BrOtaku!

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