PV Reactions Summer 2015 (Part 3)

Last one, I promise… till the next season.  While I’m sad to see the spring shows ending, summer’s got some titles I’m very excited for.  Here are a few PVs that caught my eye on YouTube.

Akagami no Shirayuki-hime

This one makes me think of “Yona of the Dawn”, mostly because of the red haired heroine.  Other than that looks like another fantasy, it’s my lucky season.  The amount of the red haired girl and white haired guy I saw was a little troubling though.  It leads me to believe the other characters might not be worth much to the story, and it could also mean it will devolve into a “will they, won’t they” romance fantasy like “Inu Yasha”.   We’ll see if I’m right or wrong soon though.  As I write this Funimation has announced this series (among others) will be in its summer 2015 line up.

After reading the synopsis:

When I watched this, I kind of expected the red haired girl to be a knight or something.  According to the synopsis red haired girl () is a medicine woman, who knew?  Apparently her red hair is rare in her country and is soon sought after by the local prince.  Who doesn’t love red heads?  Shirayuki, not at all into the prince, flees to a neighboring country where she meets up with THAT country’s prince.  She decides she likes the new prince and serves as his court doctor.  There has to be more to it than that.  Also a doctor in the time they’re portraying isn’t as solid a profession as it is now.  Leeches and mercury for everyone!  I digress, look for it on Funimation!


I have a vague memory of a friend telling me this was a Key (studio) show.  IF that’s true prepare for sad.  I’m instantly curious about the arrogant (douchie) looking protagonist and his crazy eye powers.  I hope to Zeus it’s x-ray vision, and Key is actually making an ecchi show!   The host of supporting characters look interesting, I’m mentally preparing for at least one side story episode for each.  Wow look at all those credits for Clannad, Angel Beats, and… Shirobako?  That’s two tear filled shows and the anime version of Inception (an anime about making anime).  Damn it there was mostly Angel Beats credits though!  That fact and the sad music makes me tense up for a kick to the emotional groin.  Well I think I’m over “Your Lie in April”, so here we go again with sad anime.

After reading the synopsis:

Sad or not we’re getting a show about powers which is interesting.  The story is of rare special powers that are obtained by few kids during puberty (go figure Japan).  (glowey eyes) has been using his gift in secret, so no one knows he has it.  That is until (the blond) comes along, and due to their meeting the fate of special power using people could be exposed.  That’s a terrible synopsis!  I suppose I could play the visual novel this is based on, but who has that many hours?  I have anime to watch, manga to read, and school idol girls to collect like Pokémon!  Only one way to find out about it I suppose… beat a visual novel player with a bat till he tells me the story.  Oh! Or watching the anime, which will result in significantly less jail time.

Joukamachi no Dandelion

It’s a whole family of people with super powers I’m assuming.  Like the anime version of The Incredibles, the Anicredibles if you will.  I like the kid who can scale buildings, though the thought of that ability scares the crap out of me.  Heights are no bueno… that’s Spanish for “no good” you uncultured fu- smart yet slightly ignorant individual.  Moving on.  The girl with the green aura powers, can she only summon drones or can she just materialize items out of thin air?  Both are useful but the latter is so much better!  Judging by that last picture, and assuming they’re all from the same family, that’s one busy mom and dad!  Kind of curious where they’re going to go with this one.

After reading the synopsis:

The story, so far as they’re willing to reveal it, is indeed about a family with powers.  A royal family no less that is monitored by 200 surveillance cameras that broadcast nationwide.  So the super powered Truman Show I guess.  The people watching the family broadcast have the ability to choose the next monarch from among the nine siblings.  Sounds to me like the creator doesn’t know how monarchs work, but what do I know? , the third eldest, is the fan favorite however she does not like the constant attention of the masses.  Definitely a comedy, definitely a watch,  and yet another show making its way over to Funimation.

Kuusen Madoushi Kouhshi no Kyoukan

Last one and it starts with a teenager with more power than god, is it a Final Fantasy anime?  One guy and three main girls, I’m calling it a harem right now.  A blond, brunet, and red head no less.  This show is the start of an out-of-date joke.  I’m hoping for character development, an interesting story, and possibly a satisfactory end.  By satisfactoy end I mean they beat whatever they’re fighting AND the main character chooses a sex friend/girlfriend/fiance/wife from his pool of women.  I’m expecting a show with multiple character arcs, no definitive end, and a long internet debate as to who is “best girl”.  I love this community.

After reading the synopsis:

This one’s synopsis kind of surprised me.  Humanity is driven from the surface by armored insect like creatures, and thus take to the sky’s in air cities.  A task force of mages who can fight in aerial combat is assembled to deal with the continuing bug threat.  Our hero is a formerly renown wizard known as “Black Master Swordsman”.  However now he is known as the


Winner: Charlotte because fuck you, that’s why!

There you have it folks, the end of my first series… until fall season 2015.  How’d you like it?  Leave me the feedbacks at my social media sites located either to the left (PC) or way the hell at the bottom on your phone (sorry).  Again you could comment here, and tell your friends/family/goldfish about this.  Spread the love, or what passes for love on my site, to all!  Thanks for reading and…

Arigatō my BrOtaku!


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