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I heard about this anime from many in the otaku community, so I bought it at AX 2015.  I hadn’t really had time to watch it till this weekend though, what with work and my procrastinating nature.  However after watching it I’m very glad I finally got around to it, especially since there’s a second season coming out this fall!  Allow me to introduce you to your next binge watch…

A new favorite!

 Right away I was struck by the artistic style of this show.  It contrasts drab colors and scenery with little bits of vibrant color in the evil spirits and on the main characters as well.  The color difference really makes the world pop out at you, and adds to the immersion of the show.  This can also be seen in its fantastic OP, which I felt was reminiscent of GTO’s fist OP.  The soundtrack isn’t groundbreaking, but does well to set the tone for every scene.  This goes double for the soundtrack played for the last fight in the last episode, which really got you into it.

It starts with a pretty cool fight scene too.

All those effects set you up for the following story fantastic story.  Hiyori is a martial arts fan girl who attempts to save a stranger from getting hit by a bus, but ends up getting hit herself.  After recovering she attains the ability to leave her body in spirit form and see gods and spirits.  Well… it’s more like her spirit occasionally accidentally slips out of her body, and her body then falls asleep while she capers around.   The man she tried to save is the god Yato, a god of war (or calamity, they change it mid season) who is basically a bum god with no shrine.  He accepts 5 yen to help Hiyori return to a normal state, which is a paltry sum once you learn the yen to dollar conversion.

5 yen = 0.411 dollars. He’s pretty cheap.

Along the way Yato explains that phantoms (wicked spirits) corrupt humanity and are to be destroyed by gods and their regalia.  Regalia are good spirits that can turn into weapons or armor, and thus can be used by gods against phantoms.  Yato has no regalia, since few spirits want a poor master, and his last one even quit on him.  Along the way Yato finds Yukine, the spirit of a teenage boy who he names Sekki and wields as a wrapped katana.  The problem is that Yukine’s teen spirit is still immature, and he rebels against Yato which causes the god of war (calamity?) considerable pain.  Hiyori resolves herself to help both Yato and Yukine reconcile with each other.

She mostly sides with Yukine though.

I can’t really give away too much more without spoiling the whole story.  Kofuku (god of poverty), Bishamon (god of war, or punishment), and Tenjin (god of learning) all make appearances as supporting cast in interesting ways.  Every episode gives you little answers to the mysteries it sets up, and this in turn helps to keep you invested in the world.  Personally I needed that little bit of incentive to get through “angst ridden Yukine”, but don’t worry he gets over it eventually.  The ending leaves you with just a slight hint of cliffhanger to make you anxious for more, which is good for me that I only just watched it then.

Kofuku is by far my favorite.

What really sold me on the whole affair is the ability of this show to contrast comedic elements with dramatic ones.  The beginning of most episodes starts fairly light hearted, and as the show progresses it becomes more serious.  The ED’s tempo is perfect for the melancholy the show sometimes leaves you with.  There was one episode involving bullying where Yato’s decision making is very questionable, but other than that every episode is pretty solid in its story telling.  It’s this capacity for transition in its narrative that makes this show well worth your watch!

Seriously Kofuku is a BAMF!

Now that you know about this show go out and watch it, and after you’re done tell me what you think!  Already seen it?  Tell me what you liked about it, and whether or not you’re excited for the second season.  Click the “Contact Me” page for all my social media links, or simply drop me a comment below.  I hope you enjoy this fantastic show, which you can catch on Funimation.  Till next time…

Arigatō my fellow BrOtaku!

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