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Within the past decade or so a surge of voice synthesizing software has hit the market, allowing for a great number of musicians to write and compose music for a computer program to sing to.  While many would decry (stupidly) the ethics or “unnatural” nature of digital singers, I personally find the music amazing.  The sheer scope of it runs the gamut of every genre imaginable, and every message that can be told through song.  Though I don’t pretend to understand it all (I’m trying to learn Japanese), the voice synthesizing movement (headed by SEGA’s Vocaloid software) is giving voice to the voiceless song writers and poets of the world.

With awesome anime persona’s, what’s not to love?

Now I could bore you with the history of this series of software and how they came to be, but I’d much rather share some of my favorite song with you guys.  The fact of the matter is I love music, and it’s my hope to pass along music and where to find it to my fellow BrOtaku.  I’ll include instructions on how to get these songs through iTunes if I can.  Since there are too many digital singers to cover though, I’m gonna focus on the original today.  Allow me to introduce…

Hatsune Miku

This is THE vocaloid song.  The quintessential Hatsune Miku jam that everyone thinks of when you mention her name.  It’s not my favorite of her songs, but I do like it and felt that it was a must in terms of “first song” on this list!  You can find it easily find it on iTunes by looking up “supercell” in the search and going to their self-titled album.  It’s track 7, but don’t skip over the rest of the album as it has a wealth of excellent songs that’ll probably end up on future BrOtaku Radio posts.  Also this video is taken from SEGA’s vocaloid rhythm game (Project Diva f 2nd) that can bought for PS3/Vita!

This one’s my favorite song from Sososo’s Reboot album.  I love the electronic feel of it, and the way they have Miku delivering the lyrics is pitch perfect.  I couldn’t find the English lyrics to this one, but honestly I just like to hear the music.  Wow that made me sound like a hippie.  Finding this one’s easy too look up “Sososo” and find the “Reboot” album (Track 7).  Like the last one, if you look this one up poke around the rest of the album too.  It’s really a great collection of songs that you’ll like if you dig this song.

This one’s a bit of a comedic one.  Miku essentially MMO bashes till the end of the song, but it’s still one of my favorite songs.  “Online Game Addicts Anthem” is a song I constantly played on the first Project Diva f game.  It really captures the overall time dump that is online games, and that no matter how much you know that it’s a time sink you keep playing anyway.  Unfortunately I have no idea where you can get this song from legit.  I have the game and a limited edition CD of the games songs, so either get the game or… well you know.

Yet another comedy-esk one from the Project Diva f series is “This is the Happiness and Peace of Mind Committee”.  Long ass title I know.  This song falls into a smaller genre of “big brother” Miku, whereby Miku is the representative of a totalitarian state.  I love this kind of Miku music because of the contrast between the message and the delivery.  Essentially what she’s saying is, “It’s your duty to be happy and if you don’t we’re going to kill you.”  Adorable.  This is the shorter game version, but the regular version can be found on iTunes by searching “t.Komine”.  It’s not hard to find, it’s a single album.  It’ll be stuck in your head for days, “koufuku na no wa gimu nan desu”.  You’re welcome.

Probably the newest on this list, but easily one of my favorites.  The Hatsune Miku character is the mascot of the Goodsmile racing team, and this is the theme song for the same team.  It’s crazy how many places you see Miku in Japan.  This one has that electric pop feel that I like so much.  A lot of the music from Vocaloids that I like is club-ish type music, which you’d think was odd since I despise clubs.  Still this one satisfies a weird itch for me and maybe for you too.  I really like how the lyrics and pace of the song lend themselves to a race too!  Find it on iTunes by searching “BIGHEAD”, and finding the “Gallop Through the World” EP.

Miku fucking rocks!

That’s all you get for now.  If you dig into a couple of those albums/artists that should hold you over for now.  If you really want to know where I find most of this music there’s a great site called KARENT.  On that site you can sample a ton of vocaloid music from various artists and find the one you like on iTunes for purchase.  If you need help doing this message me anytime here or on my various social media pages.  Expect more BrOtaku Radio posts in the future as I’m something of a music junkie.  I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to make one of these.  Well hindsight’s 20/20 and all, till next time…

Arigatō my fellow BrOtaku!

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