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Another week another post, and what better way to start the week than a good family anime?  I watched this movie over the weekend and it struck me that I haven’t talked about this one yet.  In order to rectify this allow me to present for your approval…

Wolf Children

Wolf Children is a multiple award winning production from director Mamoru Hosoda.  It is a modern animation masterpiece that came to us in the Summer of 2012.  The story, art, musical score, and voice acting all come together in harmony to make a world that feels alive.  To make my point exceedingly clear, you should watch this movie with your with or without family/friends.  The longer you wait to watch it, the more you’ll regret not having seen it sooner.

Why haven’t you watched it yet?

The plot is one of family, hardship, and finding a place where you belong.  Hana, a college student, falls in love with Koda.  Koda reveals that he is a wolf-man, but Hana stays with him and the two have two children together.  Yuki is born and soon after their son Ame is too, however tragedy strikes when Koda dies after Ame’s birth.  Having nowhere to go and no idea how to raise wolf children, Hana moves to the country for privacy.  Out in the boonies Hana finds the open space and kind neighbors are just what her family needed.

Wolf kids have to go to school too… kinda.

As the children grow older, the two of them develop very different ideas about their species.  Yuki, who at first loves being a wolf, tries to become more like a human the older she gets.  Ame on the other hand is frail and sickly at first, but soon finds a teacher in the woods that makes a wolf out of him.  Hana is forced to reconcile both aspects of their nature, to varying degrees of success.  This comes to a head when the two fight over differing opinions.  [Spoilers] In the end Yuki ends up going to school in Tokyo (despite revealing herself to a boy), and Ame becomes the guardian of the forest.

My favorite scene in the movie.

While the story may be pretty simple, it’s the execution that makes this title a masterpiece of anime.  The movie takes the “show, don’t tell” approach, allowing the audience to simply enjoy the day-to-day of the family.  There are many scenes that have no dialogue at all, relying instead on the character’s actions and soundtrack to set the mood.  One scene in particular that I love is the one pictured above, where Hana and the kids are simply running through the snow.  That scene alone makes it a contender for my top ten anime movies.

If you’re curious, that’s what the dad looks like.

Now that you’ve read that, go watch Wolf Children… now-ish.  It’s too good to wait!  You can find a link below to Funimation’s site to either buy, or stream it.  After you watch, what do you think of the movie and my assessment?  It’s fantastic isn’t it?  My assessment I mean.  Either way hit me up on social media to tell me how you feel about all this.  I’ll be back with another article soon.  Till then…


Arigatō my fellow BrOtaku!

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