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Very seldom is it that I enjoy phone games past a month.  More often than not I’ll get a new game on my phone to while away a few hours, then forget about till I delete it weeks later.  I’ve always seen my phone as more of a tool than a gaming device, which is a feeling I’m sure many in the gaming community echo.  While my stance isn’t 100% changed, I’m willing to concede that phone games can be more than fleeting distractions after playing…

School Idol Festival

This is the adorable face of addiction.

I normally just call it “Love Live” since it’s based around the anime, but School Idol Festival is the actual name of the game.  It’s a fantastic rhythm game for people on the go, and the frequent updates keep the game interesting.  For gamers not familiar with this type of game, it’s kind of like a mix between DDR/Rock Band and Pokemon.  You play the rhythm game portion to unlock girls, and level the girls up to play higher level songs.  These girls are ranked from N (Normal) to UR (Ultra Rare), and have stats and abilities to match their rank.

My first UR card.

For fans of the show the mainstay is the possibility to unlock your favorite girls from μ’s (Muse), and put them into your line up.  I won’t lie, I myself am working towards an all Nico team (don’t hate).  Non-fans of the show needn’t worry though, as the story mode is a very small part of the game and no knowledge of the show is required.  For those somewhat interested in the anime the story mode is something of a buffer, since the girls explain things in a way that anyone could understand.

The story mode plays a lot like a visual novel.

School Idol Festival’s biggest draw is (of course) its music.  Without purchasing anything you can listen to pretty much the whole Love Live discography if you play long enough.  From regular songs, to “B-Side” songs (that are hard as shit), to the randomized songs of events you can hear every song from the show and other sources.  It was pretty handy for me in discovering music made outside of the anime in particular.  If you love J-pop and rhythm games then you don’t even need a passing interest in the show to enjoy this app though.

This is the first song you’ll play in game.

The thing that keeps people coming back other than the music, is the events.  Every month there are a couple of events to challenge players to striver for better cards.  There is also the element of competition as some events pit you and 3 others against each other to see who can get the highest score!  At the end of the events the players who were in the top percentile get another version of the rare card offered which allows them to specially train both cards.  It’s a very Pokemon “gotta catch’em all” approach, but I’d be lieing if I said it wasn’t (super) effective.

Little bragging. The latest event is a score match competition.

That’s the long and short of it, a great game from an excellent show.  It’s definitely one of my favorite ways to waste time, along with  KanColle of course.  For those interested in or already playing this game, my game ID is 010370664, so come say hi!  You can find this app on iOS and Android Sorry this post is kinda on the short side, but this game is small and I’ve been feeling under the weather lately.  Hopefully after this long weekend I’ll feel a tad better.  Thanks for reading, and till next time…

Arigatō my fellow BrOtaku!

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