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Recently I’ve fallen into one of my anime music kicks where I spend ridiculous amounts of money on CD’s of new and old anime soundtracks.  If you’re interested in any of these I’ll add a link to CD Japan  (my music crack dealer) for each of them below.  Today I wanna cover anime songs I’ve been listening to recently.  Let’s start with…

Renegade – GANGSTA


Easily one of my favorite opening themes of the season if not my favorite anime (that’s still up in the air).  The song itself is perfect for the helter-skelter way they present this world to you.  The drugs and vice seem flow through the club-like music, and the whole thing just set’s you up to watch Nicolas and Worwick kick ass and take names!  You can hear this theme by watching the show on Funimation.

Blumenkranz – Kill la Kill


In my oppinion this is the best song of Kill la Kill’s soundtrack.  I know most people like the main theme of “Before My Body is Dry”, but this song is just hauntingly beautiful.  It’s the theme used for the main villain and it encapsulates her nefarious nature perfectly.  This show is currently on Crunchyrollbut this song doesn’t really make an appearance till later in the show.

Inner Urge – SHIMONETA


Oh the hilarity that is SHIMONETA.  If you’ve followed my social media at all/ read my ecchi post, you know how much I’ve been enjoying this show.  It truly is an ecchi masterpiece that I can’t stop watching!  To cap every episode off is this hysterical ending theme, which features different characters in almost every one.  There’s even one where they teach to you make a home-made onahole!  Catch this one on Funimation, when no one is around of course.

Friend Shitai – School Live!

Gakuen Seikatsubu

Yet another contender for best show of summer and best opening is School Live! (Gakkou Gurashi).  The cheerful nature of the song gets you ready for the first half of just about every episode.  It’s adorable nature starkly contrasts the dark nature of the show as a whole.  I won’t say more for those who haven’t seen it yet, but why the hell aren’t you watching this?  Get on that shit by going to Crunchyroll!

Snow Halation – Love Live!


I am always listening to Love Live music, so prepare to hear a lot of it.  Just be glad I couldn’t find a good video for a Nico solo song that I really wanted to put here (I need to find out how to license music).  Snow Halation is one of my favorite songs that’s sung in the show, and it’s also one of my favorites to play on the phone app.  The song itself has some great high and low points, and it comes at a critical point in the second season.  If you’re looking to get into Love Live (and why wouldn’t you) you can do so on Crunchyroll.

Kimono + μ’s = Win

I hope you guys enjoy these songs as much as I do.  The music of anime has changed considerably in the years I have been watching, and for the better at that!  Sorry if my posts have been kind of “samey” as of late.  I’m having trouble with thinking of things to write, or more specifically not shutting down things I think of after I start writing them.  If you have anything you’re curious about in terms of anime, manga, or Japan in general leave me a message here or on social media.  I’ll try my best to answer it, and maybe I’ll find my next post in your inquiry.  Thanks for the support, I know I’m a newb at this!  Till next time…


Arigatō my fellow BrOtaku!


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Renegade : Blumenkranz : Inner Urge : Friend Shitai : Snow Halation

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  1. Man, thank you. I have the gakkou gurashi song but never knew the name. I hate hate hate hate hate HATE not having songs correctly labeled in my library.

    • Yeah I’m kind of a fiend for finding the right name too. When I got “Online Game Addicts Sprechchor” I found that the American version was called “Online Game Addicts Anthem” and went into a frenzy finding which translation was correct (it was Sprechchor). If you’re looking at anime specifically though you can go to the My Anime List page for any given series, and the titles of the OP and ED themes should be just under the Episodes list on the main page.

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