This next anime (like SHIMONETA) comes with a lewd warning.  It’s arguably not as bad as the last ecchi I reviewed in terms of salaciousness, but it still does its best to get there.  If you’re not into that (read: no fun) or otherwise underage, steer clear of this show.  Also don’t scroll down if you’re at work or school too, as there is one pic that morons could take as obscene.  Now that I’ve scared the majority of sane humans away from this post allow me to introduce you to…

Monster Musume

Six monster girls, and one lucky/unfortunate guy.

“Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou” or “Everyday Life with Monster Girls” was one of the most anticipated shows of this season, mostly because of its very successful manga.  Being a fan of the manga I too was excited for this title, and overall it delivered a faithful recreation of the original.  Here was another show, like the last I reviewed, that had a very catchy opening and ending theme.  The characters were excellently voiced, and the animation was honestly better than I was expecting for an ecchi harem featuring monster girls.  In truth this anime isn’t going to blow you out of the water with its depth, nor will it “save/destroy anime” (whatever that means) as fellow otaku will usually proclaim when any anime gets this popular.  If you can simply enjoy an anime for what it is without every popular anime having to be the next coming of Jebus though, you’ll find quite a bit to enjoy in this show.

Who can resist an Ogre girl, who loves dolphins?

Our story here begins with a young man named Kimihito Kurusu (henceforth known as Darling-kun) who finds himself in charge of a lamia (snake girl) named Miia as part of a cultural exchange program.  In this world the “monsters” of the past have revealed that they still exist, and have thus set up a cultural exchange to strengthen the bonds between the various species.  Miia ends up with Darling-kun due to a clerical error on the part of her government handler (Ms Smith), but she soon falls in love with him due to his acceptance and willingness to defend her from bigots.  This is where the “darling-kun” name comes in, as Miia calls him “darling”, Ms Smith calls him “darling-kun” to mock him, and every other girl that comes has a title for him as well.

Miia is best girl.

As the series progresses we are treated to more monster girls entering the household.  There’s Papi the harpy who has a terrible memory (bird brain), and Centorea the centaur who’s a bit of a medieval otaku.  After that comes Suu the slime girl, Mero the mermaid, and Rachnera the spider girl.  In typical harem fashion Darling-kun unknowingly woos each girl in turn, causing all of them to vie for his attention constantly.  The show separates episodes into two halves, giving us two storylines an episode in which comedy and ecchi happens in concert.  The group runs into conflict with a few humans of varying agenda’s, and this brings up a conflict with the law that inter-species individuals cannot harm humans or vice versa.  The human police along with Darling-kun and Ms. Smith can deal with human bigoted behavior, but it’s illegal for them to do the same to non-humans.

Centorea’s meeting with Darling-kun involved boob grabbing and heroics.

In comes the government sponsored monster girl agency called MON (MONster’s New Law), who are responsible for keeping the peace by handling non-human criminals.  There are four monster girls and a human in MON: Tionishia (Tio) is an ogre, Doppel is a shapshifter, Manako is a cyclops, Zombina is a zombie and the commander of the team, and their human liaison is Ms. Smith.  This team breaks up the monotony of the show’s usual story by adding an element of action with a new set of girls.   The core cast interacts with these girls as well, especially in the last arc of the show in which Darling-kun starts getting death threats from an anonymous monster.  It wouldn’t be a harem if these monster girls didn’t somewhat fall for the main character too, but this takes place over a small part of an episode.

So cool they even have their own theme music.

The overall story eventually moves into the evolution of the inter-species law.  In the beginning of the show we are told that inter-species relationships are grounds for deportation, which is odd considering how many incredibly attractive monster girls are being sent to single men.  Eventually the government acquiesces to an experimental case, and of course this case has to be Darling-kun.  Ms. Smith informs him that he is to choose one of the girls to marry, and this starts a sequence of date episodes with each girl.  The show somewhat forgets this after the protagonist gets a death threat from an anonymous source, and the show moves into arcs of the girls/MON protecting him.  SPOILERS (kinda)!  Darling-kun finds out the “death threats” were actually just a warning that he might die, (due to his constant brushes with death caused by his monster girl harem), from a Dullahan (headless grim reaper… thing) named Lala.  The show then ends with a fairly innocuous half episode about the expense of feeding a household of monster girls.

The strange, but good life

Like I said in the beginning it’s not a show that’s going to blow your mind with its depth, but it’s still a fun recreation of a very popular manga.  The show is very true to the source which many of the fans were pretty pleased with.  If there was one problem with this anime, it’s that one of the favored characters of the manga (Polt the Kobold girl) only got cameos in a couple episodes rather than a full part in the show.  Hopefully we’ll get another season so that she can be part of it, and also the main girl’s moms.  In the chapters that come after this season ends Darling-kun meets with each girls mom for the prospect of marriage, and those are some really fun chapters.  I can almost guarantee we’ll get another season with this anime/manga’s huge popularity.  Until then we’ll have to content ourselves with our 7 meter long Miia dakimakuras and rewatching this season in all its ecchi glory.

Arigatō my fellow BrOtaku!

Source: Crunchyroll

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