As more shows end so too must the reviews come along.  Warning to any underage readers, this anime is VERY lewd, and as such you should probably seek permission before watching it.  Don’t think just because I think sex-ed is an important topic of discussion that you can circumvent your parental units to watch whatever.  Then again if you are that age you probably won’t listen to that warning at all, so I’ll just say, “Don’t get caught stupid”.  Now that proper warnings have been put out, let’s move right into…


One of the top 3 of summer 2015 easily.

For all of you accurate title snobs out there, the full title of this one is “Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai” or “SHIMONETA: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist” in English.  This anime was one of my favorites at the beginning of the season, and remained a favorite throughout the season.  It’s a comic blend of simple dirty jokes, as well as an underlying message of freedom of expression.  SHIMONETA is one of the few anime from this season that I felt compelled to write about, specifically in my “Why I Watch Ecchi” post.  While the story might seem juevenile in it’s delivery, this show was actually chalked full of insight and little warnings.

Warnings like, “Don’t make a psycho with the strength of Hercules fall in love with you”.

To start this tale of depravity we meet Tanukichi Okuma, the son of infamous “dirty joke terrorist” Zenjuro Okuma.  This unassuming youth get’s accepted to the nation’s top public morals school (Tokioka Academy) with the lowest score in public morals in his year.  At this point Japan has banned all thing considered to be perverted, or otherwise vulgar.  To ensure this “peace” is kept the citizens wear choker collars that monitor speech, and wrist straps that monitor hand writing, gestures, and work as a sort of cell phone.  Young Okuma is invited to join the student council, despite his low morals grade, to assist in the capture of a new dirty joke terrorist who goes by the name “Blue Snow”.  Seeing as at this point our protagonist idolizes the student council president (Anna Nishikinomiya) he readily accepts, and is taken by the vice-president (Ayame Kajou) to get the details.

Anna is best girl.

However upon being alone with Ayame, Tanukichi learns that she in fact is the very dirty joke terrorist that they are chasing.  Ayame expected that Tanukichi was also a dirty joke terrorist, and thus was surprised to find that he was sincere in his want to be a “moral” person.  With a little black mail Ayame is able to get our “stalwart hero” to join her organization.  Thus SOX the anti-societal organization was born.  The duo run around distributing dirty pictures, and writing lewd comments wherever they go in an effort to facilitate freedom of expression.  More accurately to facilitate the freedom to make dirty jokes.  These two pantie masked vigilantes do all this in an attempt to educate the sexually ignorant masses.  There is a limit to how much the two of them can accomplish though, and soon they find that SOX is in need of more hands.

Ladies and gentlemen, your pantie masked heroine.

The two become three as the school’s top artist (Otome Saotome) joins them, and soon she learns to draw lewd images using her mouth so as not to be caught by her wrist sensor.  It’s around here that Tanukichi has an accidental kiss with Anna, that sends the sexually repressed student council president into obsession over him.  Our protagonist soon learns that his idol (Anna) is an incredibly strong and jealous yandere, bent only on seeking his love in the weirdest ways.   After the group meets with a young rich girl named Kosuri Onigashira whose hair style makes her look like a penis, and this along with her want to collapse society earns her an invite into SOX.  The four come into contact with a new terrorist organization called “Gathered Fabric”, but this organization’s goal is simply to acquire massive amounts of used underwear rather than to facilitate freedom of expression.  Ayame decides as Blue Snow to take down this impostor organization, lead by extream pervert known as “White Peak”.

Yup, that’s all underwear.

SHIMONETA’s story bounces between SOX  spreading lewd materials, and trying to wipe out Gathered Fabric.  This culminates in a hostage situation set up by Gathered Fabric to get as much civilian underwear as possible.   As can be expected this ends with SOX apprehending the leader “White Peak”, and handing him over the the authorities in a show of good will.  The last episode is a strange treasure hunt for a “lewd treasure trove” that ends in Tanukichi running into one of his father’s old friends.  This was a somewhat mediocre end to the show, but the ending doesn’t reflect too poorly on the overall show.  While this anime may seem juvenile to the point of absurdity, I assure you there is quite a bit to take from this show.  It’s a fantastic commentary on the inalienable right of freedom of expression, as well as the dangers of sexual repression and lack of sexual education.

This could be private school bathroom talk in Texas.

Throughout the show we constantly see that the students of this academy are woefully ignorant to even their own bodies.  There’s an especially telling scene in which the main character overhears other boys hypothesizing about anatomy in the most ridiculous ways.  While those of us with an education can laugh this off, we must be aware that there are people worldwide who would have us stop sexual education for religious or other reasons.  It only takes a law to change a generation from well informed, to child-like ignorance.  This can most often be seen in Anna who, not knowing the difference between love and lust, acts in an erratic fashion whenever she’s around Tanukichi.  You may be thinking that this is all just me pulling meaning out of thin air, but check out my previous post on the subject (link above) if you have doubts.  Freedom of expression is something all countries struggle with, and Japan is no different from the rest of us in that matter.

The people’s ecchi flag flies!

Overall I can only recommend this show to people who are of age to watch it (it’s pretty lewd), and to those who enjoy a good ecchi comedy.  It helps to have a mature understanding of sexuality, and to already posses an affinity to the depraved sense of humor.  It’s not a show for everyone, but if you’re a debauched hentai like me you’ll find hours of enjoyment from this series.  With obscenity laws and other acts that limit free expression, it’s amazing to see an anime get air time to refute such nonsense.  With the abstinence only sex-ed programs in the south, it’s about time the U.S. had a show like this as well.  That’s a discussion for another blog though, for now I’ll give SHIMONETA a thumbs-up and hope I see more of it in the future.

Arigatō my fellow BrOtaku!

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  1. Excellent post duder. Very good way to look at sex education or lack there of. I lol’d when I saw the ‘bathroom talk in TX’ pic.

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