Top 5 of Fall 2015 (so far)

Now that I have reviewed all of the anime that I could fit into my first impressions schedule, I thought it would be prudent to quantify which ones I was most impressed with.  I dislike the thought of measuring my enjoyment of a show by giving it a alphanumeric grade (A-F, 1-5 out of 5, etc), so it might be hard for my readers to understand where I stand on certain shows with some exceptions (that Attack on Titan disaster being one).  This list is subject to change especially since I do plan to give some other shows a chance eventually, and I’m in the process of watching old seasons of some anime to be able to watch the current sequel seasons that are airing now.  For now let’s hop into The BrOtaku Blog’s…

TOP 5 Fall 2015 (so far)

5. Comet Lucifer

I know I was a little harsh on “Comet Lucifer” for not really explaining a lot of the world, but after a second episode I can see this is going to be a lot of fun to watch.  The questions of the backstory are slowly unraveling, and the conscious version of Felia (seen above) is just adorable.  The silly comedic elements of the show are offset by surprisingly well animated CG mech battles  Admittedly there have only really been two such mech fights, but I imagine there will be more in the near future.  What really draws me to this show is the fact that I am interested in almost every character backstory.  Even the seemingly innocuous characters seems to have lives beyond that of their tie to the main character.  If this show maintains the same level of balance in its duality, then it just might be in for a top spot at the end of the season.

4. Heavy Object

With “Heavy Object” I wasn’t sure about what kind of show we were in store for.  After the first couple episodes it seems to be strange mix of levity and grim realism.  It appears to be set in a world that has forgotten the reality of war in favor of “clean wars” with their mechs (Objects).  I’m happy to see that part of my prediction for the show has already come to pass, with our protagonists learning the horror of actual war within the first two episodes.  There was even a bit I enjoyed in the recent second episode where a civilian character (Qwenthur) debates the morality of killing to save the mech pilot (Milinda).  The show does take the easy way out by having the soldiers he’s about to kill  loudly contemplate raping Milinda, but the scene was still somewhat surreal all the same.  It’s in stark contrast to the first episode, where Qwenthur’s inner conflict was more annoying than enlightening.  With the potential of this show’s story, I’m expecting to leave this season at the very least satisfied with “Heavy Object”.

3. Beautiful Bones

“Beautiful Bones” is a show that, after the first episode, I instantly found myself eagerly anticipating the next episode.  It’s witty, humorous, and even a little educational.  The two main characters compliment each other well with their offsetting personalities, and the plot ensures that every week will be a potential dive into mystery.  There were some bits of Sakurako’s deduction that were a tad vague, but this is a common occurrence when writers create characters who possess above average intelligence.  The one downside of the show for me is Shoutaro, but when you have offsetting characters like these two it’s common to dislike one or the other.  One interesting aspect of the two main characters is the switch between age difference, where the female character is the older of the two.  Overall the intrigue and suspense that “Beautiful Bones” brings to fall 2015 make it one of this seasons stand out shows, that you should definitely be watching if you’re not already.

2. Concrete Revolutio

The neon colored joy ride through anime genre’s moves into my second spot.  Its excellent visuals and the organized disorder of its storytelling create a world that is unlike any other this season.  In the first episode alone the story jumps from a spy scene, to a magical girl, to a kaiju battle with a mech, and finally rounding out with a time hop.  With all those elements the story should be incomprehensible, but “Concrete Revolutio” brings it all together through excellent dialogue and fantastic animation.  This show demands your attention throughout the whole episode, and it is that command of intrigue that allows me to rate this show so highly.  The afore mentioned excellent animation, and strangely engaging pinball-like storyline should make this anime a sure number one this season, however “Concrete Revolutio” had the misfortune to be around in the same season as the next show.

1. Noragami Aragoto

Again to be fair to the other shows in this season, they really didn’t stand a chance.  If the first episodes of “Noragami Aragoto” were half as good as season one it would still have made the top 5.  As it turns out this anime has far exceeded my personal expectations, and has thus far delivered an experience I am loathed to stop at the end of every episode.  Beautifully scripted, animated, voiced, and with a soundtrack that draws you into every scene it’s a shoe in for almost every top spot this season.  I would be shocked to find a drop in quality at any point this season, and doubly so if this anime where to disappoint with its ending.  No one balances mirthful scenes with somber ones quite like Noragami, and this is no less true for the sequel.  There’s even a death within the first couple episodes, but I won’t spoil here who that was.  If you aren’t following “Noragami Aragoto” because you haven’t seen the first season, then you need to get on it!  Trust me, you are in for animated excellence if you do!

It’s good to be the king.

The honorable mentions I’d like to put forth before I end this post are Utawarerumono, Seraph of the End 2, and Anti-Magic Academy.  All have the potential to make this list come the end of the season, but as of now they just didn’t make it.  Utawarermono is the one I agonized over not putting on this list, but I don’t really like the main character and putting a show on the list just for its kemonomimi girls feels dishonest.  One of the sequels I haven’t seen yet might just pull ahead as well, but that’s a post for the end of fall 2015.  For now let’s just enjoy the anime selection we have as the fall season continues.  Keep an eye on The BrOtaku social media for updates on these and many more anime as the season progresses!


Arigatō my fellow BrOtaku!



Crunchyroll: Comet Lucifer – Beautiful Bones

Funimation: Heavy ObjectConcrete RevolutioNoragami Aragoto

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  1. Heavy object have a similarity with “the circumstances that led to waltraude’s marriage”, the “to aru” series, as well astwo other light novels (the zakishi warashi and the “normal” series)

    • Huh, I had no idea. I really need to read more light novel series, but then there aren’t enough hours in the day to cover all the anime I want to either. Still thanks for the heads up, I’ll have to check those series out.

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