Fall 2015 First Impressions: Comet Lucifer

Comet Lucifer

When I previewed this anime, I have to admit I apparently had the show pegged slightly wrong.  I had it figured out as either a romance with comedy or dramatic elements based on the synopsis given by the various anime sites reporting on it.  I had no idea that “Comet Lucifer” was going to have mechs in it.  In a story of boy meets mysterious girl, we are also going to have mech combat as well.  The first episode was fairly standard in introducing the world and it’s characters, but it ends in mech fighting and a slight cliffhanger.  I am pleasantly surprised at this unexpected turn of events, because I’m hopeful that this show will balance out romance and mech elements.

Then again maybe the booze makes me optimistic.

We start this show with an old man at a telescope speaking in cryptic tones about the worlds brush with two beings of immense power, while a young man descends into a ravine seemingly looking for gems.  The young man is Sogo, and he finds the gem he seeks but not before a comet crashed to earth taking him down as well.  When the dust settles he is elated to find that the gem he has in his hand is high grade Giftium.  Giftium is apparently a high quality ore, but it’s purpose is never really explained in this episode.  Sogo rushes home on his hover-craft-thing with his prize, and finds out that it is indeed Giftium.  After his manic glee he realizes that he has neglected his work, so he pockets the gem and heads out into the city.

Sogo is on top of the world… for now.

During his travels the gem in Sogo’s pocket reacts to the activities of a government agency.  This agency is drilling to find the comet, and every time they get closer the gem react sporadically.  In the first instance the gem sends Sogo flying into the upper streets of his city where he crashes into Kaon.  Kaon is a girl on the run, and she enlists Sogo as her vehicle of escape.  Together the two flee from Kaon’s arranged fiance Roman, and his young driver Otto.  The chase turns deadly as Roman and Otto accidentally knocks Sogo and Kaon off a cliff and into a deep cavern!  Miraculously the two survive to find that they are near an underwater lake.  While Sogo fixes the hover-craft, the agency seeking the comet gets ever closer to their target.

Kaon commandeers Sogo’s ride, and Sogo himself!

Around the time this agency gets too close, the underwater lake drains exposing a column of rock with a large Giftium gem embedded in it.  The small chunck of Giftium in Sogo’s pocket breaks free and when it meets the larger one the two shatter to reveal a mysterious girl.  Sogo catches the Giftium girl, and right then a mech from the mysterious agency bursts into the cavern.  Seeing to teens with what is presumably his target (the girl), he asks his superior what to do.  His superior (Gus Stewart) commands him to carry on as ordered, and he approaches Sogo and Kaon in his mech.  Just as he is about to attack a bipedal mech is summoned out of thin air, that utterly destroys the soldier’s spider legged mech.  Gus Stewart proclaims he’s going after the new mech, and the episode ends with Sogo and Kaon gawking at the giant mech that saved them.

First mech fight of the show was pretty one sided.

The cryptic background talking in the beginning didn’t really make a whole lot of sense, so I’m hoping they elaborate a little bit on it.  I’m expecting that the beginning of the first episode will make a lot more sense once we’ve seen all 12 episodes though.  Beyond that this first episode gives you a lot to wonder about.  The nature of Giftium, the relationship between Sogo and the other characters, and the identity of the shadowy agency are left wide open for explanation.  The largest and most interesting conundrums of all are of course the girl from the crystal, and her seeming ability to summon a mech even while unconscious.  Chances of people who watched episode one dropping the show are VERY low, because this episode just left way too many question marks to appease the curious viewer.

Too many questions not to keep going.

It’s not an immaculate first episode, but it’s decent and serves to curry interest if nothing else.  The visuals were fantastic for most of the show, and I really enjoyed the CG on the mechs at the end.  The only downsides for me was the complete lack of explanation of nearly anything.  We know character names, and a few scattered details about some of their lives, but other than that we’re pretty much in the dark.  A few mysteries left open on episode one is fine, but as of episode one this show is one big question mark.  I suppose the reason for this is to drive up rating numbers, but I sincerely hope to start connecting some dots in this story by episode two at least.

Seriously WTF is Giftium, and why is it so valuable?

I’m not much of a mech fan, though I do enjoy watching them from time to time.  I’ll keep my social media updated on the progress of this anime as much as possible, and inform you if and when I drop it.  Seeing how interested I am in finding out about this world though, I doubt I will be dropping “Comet Lucifer” anytime soon.  Hopefully we get to hear from our mystery girl next episode, and shed some light on what kind of mech anime we have on our hands.  The ending theme was rather up-beat, so maybe it will be a more lighthearted show.  Then again the main girl looks like Isla form “Plastic Memories”, and I can’t imagine a show ending on a happy note when I think of that.  We’ll see come the end of the season how this show stacks up, but if you can’t wait that long check my social media for updates on this interesting show.

Arigatō my fellow BrOtaku!

Source: Crunchyroll

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