Fall 2015 First Impressions: Noragami Aragoto

Noragami Aragoto

If you recall my previous recommendation of the first season of this anime, then you know that I was particularly invested in another season of it.  Well dear reader I am pleased to announce that as of the first episode, it was well worth the wait.  Not only did this first episode deliver in terms of visuals, but also in setting up the Bishamon heavy story that fans of the show have been waiting for.  The opening theme was very reminiscent of the first season of the show, with music that is sure to be in a top spot of this season’s opening themes.  To put it bluntly this first episode delivered for fans of the show in every way it possibly could have.

Hail to the king baby!

We enter “Noragami Aragoto” to see Bishamon’s dream of her suffering from blight, while Yato slaughters her regalia in the feudal era.  This is most likely to set us up for a big reveal about Bishamon and Yato’s past, which has been a mystery since the first season.  After the opening theme the show makes the rounds of the characters, showing Yato and Yukine babysitting for 5 yen and Hiyori visiting the two.  While babysitting a phantom attacks, and Yato is forced to call Yukine to become the sword  (Sekki) to eliminate a mirror apparition that created the phantom.  After the fight with the phantom, Yato finds a mask that’s not unlike Nora’s mask from season one.  The show then makes the rounds some more, when the group visits Kofuku and Daikoku for a chat.  Overall the fist half simply serves to re-introduce the audience to the cast, and show that nothing has really changed yet.

Noragami’s first fight scene was well animated if a little silly.

Noragami Aragoto’s second half dives more into Bishamon and her day-to-day life.  We know from the first season that Bishamon has several regalia that she uses in combat.  It is no surprise then that she is seen in the second half of the episode using them to save a spirit from malevolent phantoms.  What we did not know is that Bishamon harbors a large number of spirits at her estate, most of whom are useless as regalia.  Through dialogue it is implied that one of the regalia has recently stung Bishamon, and during a medicinal bath we are shown a possible villain.  A regalia of Bishamon (Kugaha) who acts as a sort of medicine man plants the seed of doubt in Bishamon.  He reports that Kazuma (her right hand man) has helped Yato in the past, which he did near the end of season one.  At the same time Yukine befriends a fellow regalia, only to learn that this regalia’s master is none other than Bishamon!  The last scene is Kugaha holding the mask that Yato found in the baby’s room.

Bishamon apparently really likes her baths.

 There is so much we can imply form this first episode alone.  The very first scene of the show implies that Yato killed Bishamon’s regalia that were blighting her, which is the advice that everyone gave him when Yukine was doing the same to him.  I look forward to the reveal of their past, and I’m expecting a reconciliation between the two before the season ends.  Before that I expect there will be a falling out between Kazuma and Bishamon, as well as some of Bishamon’s regalia dying.  If we take the mask at face value, it is possible that the “father” Nora mentioned last season is in fact Kugaha.  I enjoyed Hiyori’s reaffirmation that she was sticking with Yato, though I expect Bishamon may use her against him in the future.  Adding to the possibilities of this season are the characters we haven’t met, that we can see in the opening theme as well.

A rather ominous end to episode one.

Through all the speculation and predictions, I was also very glad to see Noragami hadn’t lost it’s comedic innocence.  The little bits on fun and funny that come with Yato, Hiyori, Yukine, and Kofuku conversing together.  The phantom fight was a good way to reintroduce the Yato/Yukine combo, but it was done in a light hearted way with a bunny phantom.  On top of this we see that Yato is still up to his gullible ways when he buys a fake good luck charm, and proclaims his intent to be the greatest god in Japan.  Noragami is known for it’s serious moments and unraveling storyline, but it’s soul is in its lighthearted nature in the face of adversity.  Hopefully we get to see Bishamon and Yato being friendly by the end of this series as well.

Then again maybe not.

In any case the slow unraveling of this story will be a pleasure to watch if the next eleven episodes are this good.  It’s honestly no surprise considering how amazing the fist season was.  If you haven’t seen the first season, then follow the link below to watch it on Funimation.  Trust me, if you’re an anime fan, you do not want to miss this one!  I’m expecting this sequel to be in my top 3, if not my number one, of Fall 2015.  Stick around to see if my prediction for this sequel come true.

Arigatō my fellow BrOtaku!

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