The RedBloods Are Coming

On November 10th 2015 Blizzard Entertainment released the newest chapter in the StarCraft 2 trilogy to the gaming public. Legacy of the Void has once again changed the StarCraft 2 multiplayer landscape, and with these changes comes the need to adapt in the ever competitive eSports environment. Two new units per race, and changes to existing racial units has reset the power curve of the game. Players across the globe are now experimenting with new strategies to best their opponents in next year’s team leagues. With these changes to the game comes the question, which teams will come out on top of each respective region?

Enter Team Redbloods, a European team aiming to be a powerhouse in this latest expansion. Since the launch of Legacy of the Void this organization has been hard at work, learning the ins-and-outs of this new expansion. Team RedBloods has been seeking out every new strategy in the hopes of making it to the top of the StarCraft 2 team leagues. To facilitate their rise to the top, Team Redbloods has shaken up their team roster. With new and old faces this European team aims for the upper echelons of their region in the future Legacy of the Void pro-scene! The current roster for Team Redbloods is as follows:

Steffen “Lillekanin” Hovmand

(Team Captain)

An exceptional Terran player and veteran of the professional StarCraft 2 scene, Lillekanin brings skill and experience to Team RedBloods. He has made it into the WCS challenger series before, and aims to do so again in the future. Lillekanin is one of three people Danish players to make the NationWars III tournament on behalf of his homeland. In terms of knowledge and expertise, the Redbloods could hardly ask for a better team captain going into the Legacy of the Void pro-leagues.

Eik “Eiki” Grødem

Eiki is also a veteran of the StarCraft 2 pro-leagues with aspirations to qualify for the WCS in the near future. His Protoss play is excellent, and it was his high level play that earned him a spot on the Norwegian team in every NationWars tournament. His ability to innovate builds and strategies has been touted by casters and fellow professionals alike. In terms of overall skill Eiki rates among the best, and in Legacy of the Void he aspires to top ranks of Europe.

Suaybe “SpaceMarine” Köse

SpaceMarine is a return member to the RedBloods roster, but a welcome one nonetheless. His past high placement in tournaments earned him a spot on the Danish NationWars II and III teams, as well as the prestige that comes with an up-and-coming pro-StarCraft 2 player.  With his exemplary commitment to the game, he has surprised many an analyst with an amazingly high level of play .  SpaceMarine’s positive attitude and ability to adapt to difficult situations will help the team immensely in the coming months.

Nikolai “PappiJoe” Tolstoy

As a new edition to the RedBloods team, PappiJoe brings two decades worth of RTS experience to the team. In those two decades he has contended in a host of tournaments and team leagues, the most recent of which being the 2015 DreamHack Open: Stockholm. Despite his experience, PappiJoe is relatively unknown thus far. With the launch of Legacy of the Void, and his teammates behind him PappiJoe aims to change that.

This new unit of Team RedBloods will be forging their path through the professional European StarCraft 2 leagues in the coming months. To quote team CEO Tobias Brøndum, “Our goal in Legacy of the Void is to become one of the best teams in Europe”. This is a bold ambition to be sure, but a worthy one for any team that seeks to play against the more established teams of Europe. With the reconfigured roster, and the new expansion there has never been a better opportunity for Team RedBloods to realize their ambitions.

On their journey to the top the four man roster will not be alone. Three talented StarCraft 2 players (Mythic, Littlepanda and Tymli) will be joining the RedBloods family to gain experience for themselves, and possibly compete in their own right in the future. Armed with their own knowledge of the game, the core roster of Team RedBloods can only be strengthened by the inclusion of these three unique players. In this way the team shows credence in the saying, “United we stand, divided we fall”.

Legacy of the Void brings with it an abundance of possibilities, and a wealth of excitement to the StarCraft 2 professional leagues. Alongside the hype comes the veritable flood of old and new players hungry for glory. The mountain to the top of the European pro-scene will be high, and there are many obstacles to overcome for any aspiring team. Through all of the trials and tribulations that lie ahead, one thing is for certain in the European team leagues. The RedBloods are coming.

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