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There are so many fantastic aspects of anime that we often forget those that create it in the first place.  From animators to directors, the anime industry is brimming with talented individuals all working together to produce the shows we love.  Each season we are brought to a state of excitement by announcements of upcoming anime, and who is behind their creation.  Voices that we knew and loved from one season, come back in others to enthrall us in new story lines.  With this in mind I’d like to turn my attention to my top 5 voice actresses (Seiyuu)!

5) Tokui, Sora

Anyone who knows who this is, and who knows my history is rolling their eyes right now.  Yes this is indeed the voice actress for the best girl in Love Live (Yazawa Nico).  Sure her resume isn’t the best in anime, but her ability to portray adorable characters is outstanding.  Despite being the comic relief and butt of many a joke Nico was the heart of Love Live,  and I think Sora Tokui did a fine job giving voice to her.  Plus if you don’t like it you can make your own list, or stew in your indignation… I mean Nico-Nico-Nii.

4) Amamiya Sora

With the competitive nature of the Seiyū position it is impressive to find a 22 year old with as much voice acting experience as Ms. Amamiya has.  From Log Horizon to the very recent Monster Musume, this actress has quite a range of talent to pull from.  I was espicially impressed with her performance as Isla in “Plastic Memories”, where she played a rather reserved girl rather than the slightly genki characters she usually plays.  Recently she won the “Best New Actress” in the 9th Seiyuu Awards, and with a bright future ahead of her it’s easy to imagine she’ll continue to succeed.

3) Uchida, Maaya

Maaya Uchida is one of the more well known  seiyuu on the list for her lead role as Rikka Takanashi in the hit series “Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!”.  Her voice and character were so unique in that anime that many wouldn’t expect her to also be able to play tougher characters as well.  During this year she played both Yusa and Misa in “Charlotte”, and one of those two (Misa) was a very ornery and rambunctious.  Though it wasn’t in her usual register Maaya pulled it off flawlessly, so I’m really hoping to see what else she can do with her voice in the future!

2) Koshimizu, Ami

Anyone who knows a decent amount about seiyuu should know about Ami Koshimizu.  Her biggest role was a little known anime called “Kill la Kill”, ever heard of it?  That’s right this Ryuuko Matoi, in all her seiyuu glory.  On top of that amazing performance, she has quite a storied and successful career behind her as well.  Her career spans such iconic anime as Code Geass (Kallen) and Spice and Wolf (Holo).  Hers is truly a resume worthy of envy from the seiyuu community, but with a voice range like hers it’s easy to see why she continually gets work in the industry.  Only time will tell what her next big role will be, but I don’t think we’ll be waiting too long to find out.

1) Kugimiya Rie

Easily one of the most iconic seiyuu of this generation.  Anyone who has watched anime in the past decade can instantly recognize her unique voice from shows like Toradora (Taiga) and Fairy Tale (Happy).  If you’re thinking “tsundere” then the first voice that comes to mind has to be Rie Kugimiya’s, since she has pretty much defined the voice parameters for tsundere characters.  On top of her incredible list of tsundere characters, she has a mile-long-list of main characters and supporting roles from a plethora of anime.  She’s the voice actress of this generation, and for that she deserves all the recognition and praise earned by her exemplary career.

Those are my top 5 voice actresses, and I hope to hear what you guys think about this list.  I apologize for this post being on the light side, but I was pretty busy this weekend with a family event and didn’t get to writing till late.  Still I hope you enjoyed it, and maybe came away with an appreciation of the people who lend their voices to the character we come to love 12 episodes at a time.  Before I close I’d like to put two thing out.  The first is a reminder that if you still haven’t applied for my giveaway, you can do so here.  The second is an honorable mention for this list.  For those of you that don’t know the seiyuu community lost one of their own this year, and I wanted to pay a little tribute to her here on the blog.  I might not have seen every anime she ever voiced, but I loved “Shimoneta” and her character in that show.  So here’s to you Miyu Matsuki, the best “Anna-senpai” there ever could have been!

RIP Miyu Matsuki (1977 – 2015)

Arigatō my fellow BrOtaku!




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