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Since this website has re-branded I haven’t thought of a radio post in some time. With that in mind I decided to shake up the old post with a new name.  Don’t worry this is the same old BrOtaku Radio in that I’ll be sharing 5 songs via YouTube video, it’s just a new name for the new brand.  This particular radio post will feature some of my favorite music from video games in no particular order. As per the title these will be songs in the 8-bit or Chiptune style.  With that in mind sit back, relax, and enjoy the tunes!

Bit Rush – League of Legends

While not an 8-bit game per se, League of Legends does boast the fantastic 8-bit tune (Bit Rush) in its library.  The song came hot-no-the-heels of the release of the Arcade Riven and Battle Boss Blitzcrank skins.  Since the release of Arcade Sona Riot has been releasing these skins piecemeal, and each new release has been eagerly anticipated by League fans.  The song is fantastic to listen to in the background of any game, but more so when playing your favorite arcade or battle boss skin.  If you dig this song as much as I do it along with every other League of Legends song are available on iTunes.

Boss Battle – Chrono Trigger

Honestly you could fling a stone at Chrono Trigger and hit a great song, but for our purposes I chose the boss battle theme.  It always made me kinda panic and second guess myself.  Did I save recently?  Are the characters I’m using optimal?  Oh god what is he charging up for?!?  This theme fed the adrenaline that was Chrono Trigger, and kept me completely immersed in this world.  To date it’s still one of my favorite games, and Yasunori Mitsuda‘s music is a big reason why.  Looking back at games like this makes me somewhat sad that Square hasn’t really been able to replicate their past greatness.

Fanfare – Final Fantasy

Speaking of Square’s past glories, you cant talk about their music without talking about Fanfare.  I could have used any Final Fantasy game for this since it is in all of them, but this is the original.  Ask any JRPG fan to recite the Final Fantasy victory theme and I guarantee they can at least replicate the first part of it.  It so ingrained in gaming culture that most fans can’t imagine an addition to the series without it, and it prompted other games in the company to adopt a victory theme of their own.  Funny when you think that this game was supposed to be the last game before Squaresoft declared bankruptcy.

Overworld Theme – Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past

A Link to the Past is my favorite Zelda game, hands down.  Most saw Ocarina of Time, but I didn’t own an N64 and this game was amazing in its own right.  When I think Zelda I think A Link to the Past, and when I think A Link to the Past  think of this theme.  A large amount of your time is spent on this theme while in the overworld map in the Light World.  It’s so ingrained in my childhood memories that I catch myself humming the tune nearly 24 years later!  Just hearing the theme again makes me want to play this fantastic game again.  In fact, excuse me…

Training Theme – Mike Tyson’s Punch Out

Oh right, I have one more to go.  Well why not listen to the training theme from the 1987 classic Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out?  80’s entertainment was full of montage scenes, and this video game was no exception.  The training scene is straight out of a Rocky movie, with Little Mac running and Doc Louis ahead of him on a bike.  The music is perfect for this type of scene, and it gets you hyped for the fights in the game.  The whole training part was to give you a pass key to allow you to save your progress in a time when that was not done in many video games.  Next time you’re amping up for a big test or event, why not jam out to some Punch-Out?



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