LCS Review: Week 2

The second week of the League of Legends Championship Series began with many questions as to which teams would continue their trend from week one.  After four days of hard fought matches on summoner’s rift, it’s pretty clear that there are still many questions left unanswered.  Teams that looked in top form fell short in some games, and others that had abysmal starts to the season came out of week 2 pretty well.  Overall it’s still to cloudy to call a breakaway winner, and as a fan of good games that just makes the split all the more exciting to watch.  With week 2 in the books let’s take a look at the 5 best teams of the week and 5 all-star players.

Top 5 Teams

1. Immortals


Yes, for the second week in a row my top team is Immortals.  This week they only narrowly won this prize, as their game against Team SoloMid was nearly a defeat.  A throw at the Baron pit plus the wit and cunning of the team earned them the win despite a terrible early game.  The team showed an incredible ability to adjust to dire situations, as well as reaffirmed their ability to snowball early game against NRG Esports.  If trends continue like this is fair to assume that Immortals are a shoe in to finish in the top spot of the NA LCS.

2. Elements

After a mediocre week 1, Elements were poised as a middle-of-the-pack team.  After seeing 2 more games from this former European powerhouse though, it’s safe to say that Elements might not have been at their best in week 1.  Their well executed team fights lead by top-laner Steve left their opponents stunned.  MrRalleZ cleaned up nicely on the back of his teams engages, and earned himself a tidy 15/3/10 scoreline.  The teams rotations looked solid, and the Elements as a whole seemed more comfortable in the second week.  It is worth mentioning that the teams that they played this week are considered “bottom tier”, but at this point the bottom teams aren’t far removed from the top ones.


3. Vitality

Vitality is another team that had a very uninspired week one.  This was a team that was hyped as a super team, that didn’t really show it in the first week, but then the LCS has seen this before.  Vitality’s week 2 matches however, were exactly the kind of play that was expected from this team.  Game one against Splyce was a slow methodical win from Vitality with first blood going down at the 20 min mark.  The second game of the week proved much more difficult as Origen lead for most of the game, but well played team fights brought Vitality to a close win at 32 minutes.  Overall the team play was still a bit sloppy, but week 2 really showed where the potential for this “super team” lies.  With some polish to their shot calling, this team could be a major contender come playoffs.


4. Team Impulse

After an abysmal showing in week one I did not expect to ever have Team Impulse on my top 5 list, but just one week of practice really helped this team.  In a 2-0 week Team Impulse showed that they are certainly not a team to be trifled with, and they accomplished this with a substitute player in the top lane for game one!  Few would believe that after week one TIP would come into week two and destroy Cloud 9, but they did and made it look easy at that.  Game 2 was much closer as Renegades lead for the first 20 minutes of the game, but smart team fighting turned the game around in TIP’s favor.  I’m not willing to say that yet whether this team will make it into playoffs this year, however I am willing to concede that they have a pretty high chance to be the “upset” team of the split.


5. Team SoloMid

Despite two consecutive 1-1 weeks, TSM had my attention in week 2.  They showed growth with their new shot-caller (YellowStar), and their pick-and-ban phases were on point.  To date they are the only team to make Immortals struggle for their victory, which says a lot about the team’s potential.  If not for a bad fight at the baron pit I would have had TSM in a higher position, but poor late game synergy caused SoloMid to drop game one.  The game against Team Dignitas went much better for the veteran team, as they handed DIG a decisive defeat.  With more weeks of practice, and the right attitude from their players, it’s entirely possible that TSM can take their place among the top teams of North America.


Top Players By Role

[DISCLAIMER] These may or may not be the highest scoring players for a fantasy week, but they are (in my opinion) the most impactful players of the week who may or may not show up in the fantasy week to follow.

Top – Hauntzer

While the team had a rocky 1-1 week, Hauntzer showed why it is he was chosen to fill the void Dyrus left.  With two excellent games of Poppy TSM’s new top-laner decimated his lane opponents, and his contribution almost lead to Immortals first defeat.  With an 8/5/13 KDA for the week he’s probably one of the most successful Poppy player of the season thus far.  To date Hauntzer is the only NA player to threaten Huni in lane, which is impressive in itself.  Only time will tell if the TSM house will settle, but with Hauntzer’s raw skill could propel the team forward in these early weeks of LCS.

Jungle – Spirit

Fnatic’s jungler was on point this week, even if his team ended with a so-so record of 1-1.  His mastery of the new ADC junglers (like Graves and Kindred) has lead the team to some fantastic team fights. In the first game his ability to use Kindred’s ult (lamb’s respite) was what constantly saved the team, and allowed them to turn what looked like a loss into a FNC victory.  Unfortunately his Graves wasn’t able to do the same, but through that game we were able to see his high capacity for jungle graves play.  It’s still early to say whether or not this iteration of Fnatic will synergize like the old one, but if they do then Spirit will be a major contributing factor to their success.

Mid – Nukeduck

Since the end of season 3 there have been a lot of questions surrounding this EU mid-laner as to how good of a player he is.  With the launch of Vitality many (including myself) had high expectations of the former world class Lemondogs player.  With his two games of Ahri, Nukeduck showed sparks of his brilliance in the LCS.  It might be too soon to call his glorious return to top form, but it’s hard not to get excited watching his excellent play.  His Ahri charms hit with surgical precision leading him to a 6/4/10, and earning him a spot here on the top player board.  For now Nukeduck can enjoy a 2-0 week with his team, but soon he will have to face up against H2k’s Ryu, and then we’ll see how this mid-lane-master stacks up against one of the greats.

ADC – MrRalleZ

MrRalleZ was’t really an ADC on many people’s radar in week one, but in week two he really stepped up.  His two games of excellent Kalista play helped propel his team to a 2-0 week, and solidify their spot as early leaders of the EU LCS.  His use of Kalita’s mobility and objective control helped keep the games in Elements favor.  In my personal opinion he might not be the strongest ADC in Europe, but in week two he definitely had the strongest showing in terms of team play.  This could be because he played against two of the weaker teams in the league, but I believe it’s also due to his personal skill.  THe real test from him will come next week against the Unicorns of Love and Origen.

Support – Adrian

Adrain has had two consecutive weeks of fantastic play.  In 4 games he’s amassed an outstanding 1/1/50 scoreline, that’s only compounded by his amazing support plays.  In game one against TSM Adrian had one of the top support plays of the week when he saved Huni over the Dragon pit wall with a Janna ult.  With his quick reaction and game sense the Immortal’s support was the veritable man-behind-the-man as he helped WildTurtle to his second winning week in LCS.  The Immortals are a solid squad all around, and with Adrian supporting it’s easy to see why that is.



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