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Warning: Foul Language, shitty analogies, and overall poor writing ahead. Abandon all hope ye who enter here.


As you may or may not be aware, I have been reporting on eSports since last year.  I started doing it as a way to boost my views, but I soon discovered I really liked writing about video game competitions.  As time went on I even started looking for writing jobs online, and even got the opportunity to write for a major team as a volunteer.  All this prompted me to apply for school so that I could become a better writer, and I’m really glad to have had the opportunities I’ve had thus far.  My thought process was that when I started school I could start up a play-by-play posting system that could be a weekly thing to give people insight into the best players and teams in the LCS.  Unfortunately, much like Kim Davis, reality is a bitch.

Yeah I wish my reality were something like this… minus the antiquated PC.

After starting school it has become difficult for me to keep up with the scene as much as I could when I was simply an unemployed shmuck.  It was easy for me to balance watching eSports, playing video games, watching anime, and writing about all three when I literally had no responsibilities outside of applying for work every week.  Now that I’m expected to invest several hours of my “off” time on school work, it has become a HUGE pain in the ass to try to juggle it all.  I still love to write about all of it, but consistently keeping up with the LCS to provide a week-to-week update has become a burden.  This is compounded by the fact that sites like Leaguepedia and The Score do it so much better than I could ever hope to (though also with about 20 times the staff power).

Screw them, I have KanColle!

Before Logan, Jeff, and I combined our powers of writing to summon Captain Plane- uhh I mean make Anime Arcade, I had planned to have a weekly eSports post.  I wanted the exposure to help with my incredibly shitty writing resume.  Looking back at the old posts that got me writing job interviews I can see that it was quality over quantity that made the editors interested in me… that or no one else was applying.  Still looking back it makes sense that they wanted someone who could write articles, not just give weekly analysis.  With this revelation, and the need for more time weighing on me like a 30 ton shit brick, I could only come to one conclusion…

Paying Attention?

If you haven’t guessed it yet, I’m cutting the LCS review bit out entirely (seriously how did you not see that in the previous paragraphs?).  Don’t think this is me bowing out of eSports.  I might be the smallest fish in the sea of eSports reporting, but I’ll keep on writing about it till there’s nothing left to write about.  The posts will just be less frequent (so I can catch up on anime), and they will be more like articles than an emulation of sports websites.  More content, less frequently, but with more on the anime front.  I can already tell you I’ve got some good ideas of where I want to start in terms if articles (hint: Immortals, G2, and maybe something about all these “visa” issues), and all of them are going to require a fuck-ton of research.  Still it will at least be more entertaining to read than what I was doing up until now.

Amen Chitoge…

Well that’s all I really had to say, thanks for letting me vent a little.  There’s probably more post types that we will try out, only to realize later we need to drop them so please be patient with us.  We’re still relatively new, and it might take a little while to find our feet.  Still as long as we keep trying new things out we can find our niche, and create a community around all you awesome readers out there.  Let us know what you like and dislike about the site, your input will go a long way in helping us grow as content creators.  Again thank for reading and being a part of the Anime Arcade discussion, and (for old times sake)…


Arigatō my fellow BrOtaku!




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  1. Dammit Carlos! How dare you try to better yourself. I need my LCS content!

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