LCS Review: Week 4

UPDATE: Unfortunately due to a new schedule and new time constraints the LCS review is going to become much more compact.  Instead of a rundown of the team/player performances I will simply give you my top 5 teams/top players by role, their overall scoreline, their match-ups for week the next week, and my prediction on their performance in the coming week’s matches.  I apologize if you were expecting more of my delightful insight into the teams, but I don’t have time to watch every game anymore.  Also I was running out of adjectives to describe how great my top teams were.

Top 5 Teams

1. Immortals

Week 4 Record:

2-0 Counter Logic Gaming/Team Liquid

Week 5 Match-Up

Dignitas – Despite their abysmal record, DIG is not a team to be taken lightly.  Still unless team Immortals play a sub squad next week, it’s a pretty safe bet that they’ll have a pretty easy time against them. [Verdict] Immortals win.

Cloud 9 – This one’s a tad more tricky as C9 have definitely looked better with Hai at support. With C9 having a decent amount of wins under their belt, it’s clear that they’re regaining some of their old confidence. This is great for them, but not enough for me. [Verdict] Immortals win.

2. G2 Esports

Week 4 Record

2-0 Origen/Splyce

Week 5 Match-Up

Vitality – Some weeks this team seems like the “super team” they’re meant to be, while others they are beat by Team Roccat.  While G2 and VIT haven’t met in the LCS yet, it’s fair to say that G2 is the more consistent of the two teams. [Verdict] G2 Win.

H2k Gaming – This will probably be the game of the week for the EU LCS next week.  Both teams are the in a fight for the top spot in Europe, so you know they’ll be bringing their “A” game. This one might be too close to call, but if H2k has their mid-laner back then…[Verdict] H2k win.

3. H2k Gaming

Week 4 Record

2-0 Splyce/Elements

Week 5 Match-Up

Unicorns of Love – UoL has established themselves as a solid team this season, only losing to G2 and Origen. I would say that some of their wins were a little on the close side though, where H2k’s wins (even with their sub) have been relatively clean. [Verdict] H2k Win

G2 Esports – Do I need to say more? G2 is good, but I honestly think that if H2k gets Ryu back they’ll most likely take the win. [Verdict] H2k Win

4. Cloud 9

Week 4 Record

2-0 Renegades/NRG Esports

Week 5 Match-Up

Team Liquid – This might be a close match, despite Liquid’s mediocre record.  Cloud 9 is only one win ahead of them, but if they can keep up the momentum of this week then I think they can take the inconsistent team Liquid. [Verdict] C9 Win

Immortals – As I’ve stated above, I think this might be a close game for Immortals.  Should C9 win their game against Liquid they could well ride that momentum into their game with Immortals.  That being said I sincerely doubt that momentum will lead to a victory. [Verdict] Immortals Win

5. Unicorns of Love

Week 4 Record

2-0 Team ROCCAT/Vitality

Week 5 Match-Up

H2k Gaming – H2k is the most consistent team in Europe, even when they have a substitute player. That being said UoL has only been slightly inconsistent in their play for the split, so this one might be too close to call.  Since calling it is  something I have to do though I’d pick… [Verdict] H2k win

Fnatic – Fnatic is clearly not the team they used to be.  Despite the 5-3 start they’re clearly getting used to being a team still, where Unicorns of Love seem to be gelling very well (with some exceptions).  If the UoL team we saw in week 4 shows up in week 5, I think Fnatic is in trouble. [Verdict] UoL win

Top players By Role

[DISCLAIMER] These may or may not be the highest scoring players for a fantasy week, but they are (in my opinion) the most impactful players of the week. These players may or may not do well in the fantasy week to follow, so make sure to account for everything before blindly throwing a team together based on my picks. The sources section at the end of the article is a great place for information!

Top – Vizicsacsi (UoL)

Week 4 Record

6/4/21 vs fredy122(ROC)/Cabochard(VIT)

Week 5 Match-Up

Odoamne (H2k) – If this game doesn’t have a lane swap it will be interesting to see which of these two top-laners will come out on top. If I had to put money on the match-up though it would be on Odoamne.  Sorry, he’s just a more consistent laner.

Gamsu (Fnatic) – This is going to be another tough match to call since Gamsu is a really good laner.  It might surprise people to learn that I’d actually take Vizicsacsi in this fight, and I look forward to their 1 vs 1 fights come Friday.

Jungle – Reignover (IMT)

Week 4 Record

7/3/19 vs Darshan(CLG)/Lourlo(TL)

Week 5 Match-Up

Kirei (Dignitas) – Kirei really isn’t a bad jungler, but in terms of this match up he’s going to get smashed.  There are junglers in the NA LCS that can challenge Reignover in terms of jungle pathing and pressure, but Kirei is not one of those junglers unfortunately.

Rush (Cloud 9) – Rush is a jungler that has the potential to challenge Reignover, provided C9 is firing on all cylinders.  If Cloud 9 rides their momentum from week 4 into week 5 we might see an interesting match up between these two Korean junglers.

Mid – Jensen (C9)

Week 4 Record

8/1/16 vs Alex Ich(REN)/GBM(NRG)

Week 5 Match-Up

FeniX (Team Liquid) – This will hopefully be one of the more enjoyable matches of nex week.  Not only will this one vs one be a close race, but if trends tell us anythig this will be a high kill game.  I’m taking FeniX in this fight though.

Pobelter (Immortals) – I won’t say that Jensen has no chance against Pobelter, because I honestly believe he’s more mechanically skilled than Pobelter.  I will say I think he’s going to lose this match, because Pobelter has the better jungler though.

ADC – Emperor

Week 4 Record

14/3/12 vs Zven(OG)/Kobbe(SPY)

Week 5 Match-Up

Hjärnan (Vitality) – This match is either going to be super close or a complete blowout based on Hjarnan’s level of play that day.  Him and Kasing have had some ups-and-downs in the past, and this match with Emperor and Hybrid will be a good measuring tool for them… I’m still taking Emperor though.

FORG1VEN (H2k Gaming) – The EU LCS game of the week will feature Emperor and FORG1VEN going head to head, and it will (hopefully) be awesome!  I think FORG1VEN is going to take the 1 vs 1, but in terms of overall team play it’s WAY too close to call.

Support – Vander

Week 4 Record

3/2/23 vs Nisbeth(SPY)/sprattel(EL)

Week 5 Match-Up

Hylissang (Unicorns of Love) – SUPPORTAL COMBAT! Sorry support fights aren’t as flashy so I thought I’d spruce it up a bit in the text… Ahem. I’m taking Vander in this fight, because he had GOD-G1VEN as an ADC.

Hybrid (G2 Esports) – Again this will be the match of the week, and both bot-lanes have been outstanding thus far.  Again I think Vander has the advantage, as both he and FORG1VEN seem to gel so well together, but the overall game will be very close!


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