Man Your Moe-Stations!

Recently Sega released two promotional videos featuring voice actresses from Kantai Collection playing the new arcade game.  The videos show off an impressive card-based arcade version of the popular browser game.  In it we see the fully fleshed out CG models of the ship girls, as well as the new combat mechanics in the game.  It appears that the combat will be more action based, with the admiral (player) making snap decisions and actually moving the fleet around.  The controls for this game feature an interesting take on a ship’s wheel and throttle, as well as a touch screen for you to issue commands on.  Most impressive of all is the price to play this machine!  If this promo is to be believed it’s only 100 ¥ to play, which is less than a US dollar.

100 Yen?!? How much are the cads then?

As fans of Japanese games we can pretty much expect that we’ll never see this game barring a trip to Japan, or a really lucky break at an anime convention.  Still with graphics and gameplay that look this good it’s hard not to get excited about the prospect of a PS4 port that we can import eventually.  It also speaks volumes that the KanColle developers are putting American ship girls into the game browser and Vita games.  Could this be a surge of western love from the developers? Well I certainly hope so, but until we get an official announcement enjoy these two promo videos to your hearts content.




SEGASega YouTube Channel

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  1. This has to be the coolest arcade cabinet I’ve ever seen! Watching the voice actresses play, and interact with their characters was priceless. Gah… I have not been this excited watching a YouTube video in a long time. Getting this is now a life goal.

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