Rapper Defeats Street Fighter Legend

Anyone who knows anything about Street Fighter or follows e-sports in general, has probably heard of the legendary Daigo Umehara. Labeled by the Japanese media as “the god of 2D fighting games”, Umehara is one of the best and most famous Street Fighter players in the world. Many of you may know him from his incredible comeback win at the Evolution 2004 Championship Series, which is considered one of the most epic moments in professional video gaming history.

Enter rapper Lupe Fiasco, who is a big gamer in his own right, and often expresses his love for video games through his music. Certainly no match for a world renowned champion though, right?

In a Street Fighter V prerelease event put together by Mad Catz, Lupe was given the opportunity to put a giant check mark on his bucket list, and faced off against Umehara. There were probably not even a handful of people in the Twitch audience who expected to see a contest, but after a nail biting display that went down to the final slivers of health; Somehow Lupe came out on top.

(The fight starts at the 5 minute mark for those who would rather skip the build up.)



Many are convinced that this was a staged victory for Lupe, which would certainly go a long way in explaining the unbelievable outcome. There were times where Daigo seemed to be pulling his punches, so its possible this was all for show, but regardless of its authenticity, its a victory for e-sports in general. Most of us would have never heard about this event if Daigo stomped Lupe as was expected, but with this outcome the news is practically guaranteed to reach a new demographic. In the end we got a thrilling piece of entertainment followed by some genuine emotion from the victor. It’s a perfect recipe for hooking a new audience, and showing them just how exciting competitive video gaming can be.


What did you think of the match? Was this a genuine victory for Lupe? Does it matter? Sound off in the comments!

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