Kickstarter: ‘The Glassworker’ Anime Campaign Nearing Conclusion

Another anime Kickstarter is nearing its conclusion!  The Glassworker, Pakistan’s first fully hand drawn animated film, ends Sunday April 3rd.

With it’s beautiful character designs and art style, The Glassworker depicts:

“A coming of age story about a young boy named Vincent, who is learning the art of Glassblowing from his father in their Glass Shop. As he grows older he begins to fall in love with a frequent visitor of the shop – a young girl named Alliz.

The campaign blew through its orginal $50,000 gaol and has achieved several stretch goals including a full orchestral score and a “Part 2” for the film.  They are currently $5,000 away from achieveing the $110,000 stretch goal for a “Part 3”.


Join the campaign HERE!



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