Let’s Tackle a Warlock Together!

For those of you who read our early impression, it should come as no surprise that Logan, Carlos, and I have been totally enamored with Blade & Soul. NCSOFT quickly recovered from some minor hiccups on launch, and has continued to keep content fresh with a barrage of major updates, getting us closer and closer to running parallel with the Koreans. To make a long story short, the game has met and exceeded all of my expectations, and has been the most enjoyable MMO experience since the glory days of Vanilla WOW.

We have friends in high places…

Its been less than two months since Blade & Soul launched here in North America, and we are already being treated to a new playable class. The Warlock will add another much needed ranged option to the game and, more importantly, give an application to the razors that have mercilessly mocked us far too often while opening our loot boxes. Along with its ranged spells, the Warlock will also have the ability to summon apparitions which will be their main source of physical damage. It looks like a really fun addition to the game, and will definitely shake up the PvP scene as people learn the ins and outs, and reach max level.

As an incentive for people to max their Locks as soon as possible, NCSOFT is running a very tempting promotion they are calling the Warlock Leveling Challenge. As if the new class and seeing Namsoyoo weren’t good enough reason to level a new character, now they’re giving us extra loot for reaching level 45, as long as it’s before March 23rd. The rewards include handfuls of tokens, upgrade items, and unsealing charms, but most of us are more worried about which of our characters will look best in the exclusive costume, aptly named “Temptation.”

Warlocks sling darkness with the beats

You know what this means?! Get your Hot Pockets and Mt. Dew ready, because if you want to be one of the cool kids, you have some leveling ahead of you. One thing is certain; the three of us will inevitably be shirking many of our responsibilities to play more Blade & Soul over the course of next three weeks, so why not join us?

The Anime Arcade clan is located on the Yehara server, and we are typically active on a nightly basis, chatting on Discord and generally having a good time. We aren’t serious PvPers or breaking the boundaries of high level content, but fun is in good supply. We also stream to Twitch every Wednesday night, so if you don’t play Blade & Soul, or play on a different server, you can always join us there. We are typically talking about anime, games, or whatever else we find interesting.

Feel free to laugh at us

If you are interested, you can contact us at mail.animearcade@gmail.com; on Twitter at @anime_arcade, or at our Facebook page. Leveling our new characters should be a really good time, and can only be made more fun with a good group, so we hope you will join us!


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