Meet The Writers Part 1: How Logan Got Into Anime!


Back in early 2013 while attending college down in California, my roommate introduced me to the internet entertainment juggernaut, Rooster Teeth.  I had watched their show Red vs. Blue a few years before but had forgotten all about it. Just as I began consuming all of their content, they announced that their lead animator for RvB, Monty Oum, would be making a new show for them called RWBY. I loved all the preview trailers they put up for it and eagerly ate up the show as it came out. This was my first real introduction to this both this style of animation and art.  An odd way to get into anime right?


So, I have two younger brothers, the youngest of which who has been super nerdy since he was in middle school. He found out that I had been watching RWBY and after we talked about the animation and story and how much we enjoyed the show, he told me about a show that was currently airing online that he thought that I might like. The show was Attack on Titan and he told me where I could watch it legally, which was Crunchyroll (Joined Funimation not long after). I watched the first episode for free, bought a subscription, and ended up binge watching it over the course of two days.  It was so engaging and the action was fantastic, so I was instantly drawn in!

After that I browsed through all the shows that Crunchyroll had and saw a show that I remembered watching a little bit on toonami when I was a kid: Rurouni Kenshin. I proceeded to binge this show as well and finished all 94 episodes in just over a week (just found out that the dub is also on Hulu, so i might have to rewatch it!). After I was done with that I started another show from Toonami that I had seen a little bit of, Inuyasha. Of course, I binged this show as well.  Needless to say, for about a month, I really didn’t get that much sleep.  Totally worth it.


After that, my other brother, who had started watching a little bit of anime as well, recommended that I start watching a show called Fairy Tail.  I love magic and fighting, and was a little skeptical after watching the first few episodes, but after sticking with it past the slow start I fell in love with the show.  It’s themes of family and perseverance really struck a chord with me.

This was the point in time that I learned about simulcasting, as well. So along with all of the shows that had already come out that I was going to watch, I started watching the currently airing shows. This is also when I introduced my parents to anime as well. My dad would occasionally walk by my room and watch whatever I had up on the computer with me for a few minutes. I finally asked him if he would like to watch a show with me and he said yes, so I decided to start out with Sword Art Online since he likes to play some video games and likes fantasy kind of stuff. He’s a slow reader, though, so we watched it dubbed and he was instantly hooked. My mom liked it as well, and now they like anime enough that we rescued a dog about a year ago from the shelter and named him Maou in reference to the Devil in The Devil is a Part-Timer!


The first anime that I bought was Kaze no Stigma;  The second was the first season of Shakugan no Shana, followed by the first box set of Sword Art Online. For my birthday that August, my parents got me the second box set of Sword Art and I have spent more money than I would care to admit on anime in the 3 years since.

My favorite anime include Clannad, Sword Art Online, Love Chunibyo & Other Delusions, Toradora, and Aria the Animation, to name a few!

That’s pretty much the story of how I got into anime and a bit of my journey since then.  My tastes have certainly evolved a little and I have tried all sorts of genres, but my favorite remains romance followed by fantasy and if you had told me two years ago that I would be watching an animated show about girls aspiring to be idols who travel through space and fight in mecha (AKB0048), while enjoying every minute of it, I probably would have called you crazy. Yet here we are!

This passion for anime spawned a passion for writing and I started to do written reviews for fun in my spare time.  I found it difficult at times to convey my thoughts and emotions about the various anime and books that I consumed, through text, but it has been a fun and fulfilling experience and I’m here today because of that!  I’m blessed by the opportunity to write with some awesome guys, and I’m excited to see where we can go in the future!  Thanks for tuning in!

Enough about me! What got you into anime? Do you watch with your family? Name any pets after characters? Do you like to write? Let me know, I’d love to hear the stories!

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