Sword Art Online -Ordinal Scale- Announcement!

At Aniplex of Americas Sword Art Online panel at Sakura Con 2016 today, it was announced the the next installment in the Sword Art Online franchise, Sword Art Online -Ordinal Scale-, will be coming to theaters worldwide in 2017!

The Announcement was made by the Reki Kawahara (Author), Kazuma Miki (Editor), Abec (Illustrator), and Shinichiro Kashiwada (Producer).

Character designs for the supporting cast were shown as well with the outfits being the same as those shown on Asuna and Kirito in the key art, with variations on color.  Silica (Light Blue), Lisbeth (Pink), and Shino (Green) were announced to be a part of the film, as were fan favorites Klein and Agil.

This original story will take place in Tokyo, utilizing a new system called the Augma to play a new game called Ordinal Scale in Augmented Reality.  Players are placed on a scale for rank and the story will be about low level players working their way towards the top of the scale.

When using the Augma, the perceived world seems to shift, presenting a different Tokyo than the one in reality.

Concrete story details were not discussed and we should get more details soon!

Lets us know what you are excited about upon hearing this awesome news and share your excitement about the upcoming movie!

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