Top 5 Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Songs

If you’ve read my music posts, you know that I’m a fan of the idol known as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. Her voice is fantastic, and her lyrics are often heartfelt.  Kyary’s music videos aren’t her biggest draw to me, (I’m mostly in it for the music), but the quirky aesthetics in her music videos does add an extra element of intrigue.  Despite the odd videos, there is most definitely a reason why she’s one of the highest grossing Japanese idols.  If you’re into J-Pop and you haven’t heard of her then you have done yourself a great disservice my friends.  To help spread the love of this idol, I’ve compiled my top 5 songs for your listening pleasure.

5. Fashion Monster

Fashion Monster was the was released in 2012, and was fairly acclaimed upon release. The song is fun and upbeat, and the whole set-up gives you a good sense of Kyary’s quirky fashion sense (as if the song title didn’t). This single came out after “Ponponpon”, and “Candy Candy”, so by now people were used to her slightly odd music videos. If you’re just getting into Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, this is a good video for you.  Trust me, “Ponponpon” will leave you too bewildered to enjoy the music.

4. Invader Invader

“Invader Invader” is the same quirky type of video we already expected with Kyary, but the music is a step up from her previous tracks.  It’s a song that you can dance to, and one that I find myself constantly tapping my feet to when it comes up on my playlist.  For weeks after I found this song it was on repeat on my phone.  The only reason it’s my number 4 is because I listened to my number 3 on repeat for longer.

3. Ninja Re Bang Bang

Yes “Ninja Re Bang Bang” was a song that stayed on repeat for me at work for at least a month.  I don’t mean that’s all I listened to, it’s just that several times a day in the month I discovered it I found myself listening to this.  I love the subtle points of the song, mixed in with the upbeat chorus of the song.  It’s still one of my favorites even though I listened to so much.  Fun Fact: This song is featured in a Japanese version of Just Dance.

2. Yumeno Hajima Ring Ring

This one might come as a surprise given my previous picks.  Though the music is upbeat, the song is actually quite bittersweet in that Kyary bids farewell to her past selves in “Yumeno Hajima Ring Ring”.  I love the amount of heart in this video, and all the symbolism put into it.  This song’s theme seems to be Kyary’s continues evolution as an artist, and her hopes for the future.  It’s an incredibly deep song, and a great video to boot.  So why isn’t it number one?

1. Kisekae

Short answer to the above question is because this song is number one.  It doesn’t need a big production Kyary music video for me to love it (though it’d be awesome if it got one).  I love fast paced Kyary songs as much as the next fan, but this relaxed version is my favorite thus far.  It really feels like a song you can listen to while relaxing, or cruising down the road (though you might get some odd stares from the unindoctrinated).  You may have noticed that I already posted this song on a previous music post.  Well sorry I couldn’t deny that this was still an amazing song, but you get to listen to a great song twice.

What do you think of the Japanese Idol sensation known as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu?  If you already knew about her, what do you think of the top 5 songs list?  Leave a comment here or on our various social media to tell us what you think.  Let us know if there are any other idol groups you’d like us to look at for the blog as well!  If you’re anxious to get your hands on some digital Kyary goodness, there’s a link below with the idol’s iTunes page for you to look through.  Thanks for reading, and I hope you continue to enjoy Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s music in the future!



Kyary’s Website – Warner Music JapanWarner Music Japan YouTubeKyary’s iTunes Page

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