Update: Skip Beat! Crowdfunding Successful

Last month Logan reported that the classic shoujo anime Skip Beat! had taken to IndieGoGo to try to attain funding for a western release and English dub. Unfortunately the campaign with IndieGoGo didn’t go well as fans expressed displeasure with the flex funding in IndieGoGo. Fans of the series and frugal anime patrons alike where then delighted to learn that the campaign had moved to the crowdfunding mecca that is KickStarter. After a month of campaigning on the new website Anime Arcade is happy to announce that Skip Beat! will be getting the western dub release that it so rightfully deserves!


Not only did Skip Beat! hit the new target of $155K, they also hit the original goal of $210K! This also included a $185K goal that will bring us a Blu-ray version of the touted anime! With a stunning $224,546 in pledges for the series, it is safe to say that the anime community at large has proved that shoujo anime is feasible for crowdfunding. As Pied Piper Inc said in their most recent update on the campaign page:

The world said we could never do it. Skip Beat! didn’t have the fan base to support a first-class dub. Everybody said the same thing:

Skip Beat! = shoujo anime = poor fan support

We blew those assumptions away.


I think we just might have introduced a whole new concept:

great shoujo anime = passionate fans

Well said, and here here! We look forward to getting out copies of this wonderful shoujo anime in the future, but for now a toast to another successfully crowdfunded anime! While we’re busy toasting this anime achievement enjoy the following cast list for the new dub. Cheers!


Source: KickStarterCampaign TwitterIndieGoGo

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