Anime Arcade 5 – Magical World of Magical Girls

Jeff and Logan sit down to take about some recent anime and game news, and then dive into the magical girl genre of anime and everything that that entails!




Music by Bensound
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  1. I might be on the other side of many perspectives in the anime world. When it comes to Madoka, I feel the only way to really get it is to have watched something like Sailor Moon first (minus fillers). Madoka is still a great show, but without previous magical girl shows for reference, it might just feel like a massive drug trip of some kind for most of way.
    By the way, German dubs are generally done really well due to the fact how unpopular anime is in the country, or at least when I was living there. Only popular shows really get dubbed for them. For example, Akame ga Kill was huge there and the dub is amazing. I still watch a show in German dub if available so I can keep up my German language skills.

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