Cutest Characters of Spring 2016!

We are at the halfway point of the spring 2016 anime season and have been introduced to a majority of the characters that we will probably be meeting.

That means it is time to start the waifu wars and talk about the cutest characters of the season! Here are each of our top 5 picks!


Logan –

1. Emilia (Re:Zero)

She’s cute, strong, and plays off the main character well.  We have yet to see her full set of abilities and power, but I can promise she’ll look beautiful no matter what she does.

2. Ako Tamako (And you thought there is never a girl online?)

Chuuni characters are a soft spot of mine.  They can be awkward and cringy, but her dedication to Rusian and her all around beauty has her towards the top of my list.

3. Chinatsu Kuramoto (Flying Witch)

Chinatsu has the best expressions of the season.  Her reactions to the various magical things that are now going on around her are priceless and hilarious.

4. Ochako Uraraka (My Hero Academia)

The shining bright spot of the show for me so far, Ochako instantly captured my heart with her selfless disposition and upbeat personality.

5. Serina Nishiyama (Three Leaves Three Colors)

I have to have one tsundere on the list. Serina acts tough, but her cute side really shines when she shows it. Her love of her cat is adorable. And hey, I love me a red-head.

Honorable Mention – Freyja Wion (Macross Delta)

Speaking of red-heads, I have to give a shout out to Freyja.  She is so full of energy and cuteness and has a wonderful voice.

Carlos –

1. Ako Tamako (And you thought there is never a girl online?)


A stacked, chunibyo, girl gamer? So where do I sign my soul away? In ink or in blood? Seriously though she is too cute not to be my number one for Spring.

2. Machi Amayadori (Kuma Miko)

Machi is cute in the “aww” kind of way. She’s the kind of girl that you want to protect rather than.. ahem do “stuff” to.

3. “Mii-chan” (High School Fleet)

Who says Germans can’t be adorable? High School Fleet’s “Mii-Chan” is one of the most capable characters of the season. Just don’t try to say her whole name.

4. Hibiki Hagyuu (Anne Happy)

Hibiki is a yuri tsundere with a penchant for getting lost. She’s one of those characters you just can’t help but love, even when she’s being annoying.

5. Rin Suzunoki (Bakuon!!)

Rin is a stacked biker girl with 100% loyalty to the Suzuki brand motorcycle she rides. Plus she’s always eager to put her… assets to work. How could you not love her?


Jeff –

1. Mumei (Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress)

What can I say? I like a dangerous girl, and especially when she has such mysterious beauty.

2. Niko Niiyama

Totally nuts, with a character design to match. I don’t care what you think of her personality, she’s just plain adorable.



Now that our picks are out of the way, what are some of your favorite cute characters from this season of anime? Let us know!

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