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While banging my head against the wall that is the spring 2016 Kantai Collection event, I came up with a brilliant idea that balances out the multiple concussions. Since many in the anime community are interested in the characters of KanColle but are not willing to jump through (very simple) hoops to play the game, why don’t I simply bring the characters to you? This way I can bring a little piece of KanColle love to you, the filthy unwashed pleb- I mean lovely and inquisitive people who frequent our website. Since this is the very first edition of this series, I felt it was only prudent to introduce you to the first ship I ever owned (no not Fubuki)…


Inazuma 7

I started playing KanColle after the anime came out in Winter 2015, so I pretty much wanted any starter ship that wasn’t named Fubuki. I went with Inazuma because her art has her holding a torpedo in a pretty adorable way, and (being an ex-Destroyer sailor) this resonated with me. Her timid nature appealed to me in an “aww” kind of way, and I was taken with her slightly disheveled look from the onset. It also helped that I had previously seen her and her sister ships in the anime, and I was quite taken with their antics. I would very quickly learn that she was neither the best ship in the game, nor the best ship in her class stat wise. However, to this day she still holds a place in my heart as a favorite as the first ship girl in my fleet.


Inaszuma is an Akatsuki class destroyer, and she has three sister ships in total (Akatsuki, Hibiki, Ikazuchi). As a destroyer she is an agile fleet girl with a penchant for torpedoes, and a high evasion rates. Destroyers have low resource consumption, which means you can send Inazuma out often without worrying too much about your fuel and ammunition stores. That being said they have pretty low damage in many situations, and they have the least HP of any ship-class. To compound this Inazuma herself is a lower tiered destroyer due to her mediocre stats as of now, so most people only use her as a work horse for resource gathering expeditions.

INA Stats

Unlike her sister (Hibiki), Inazuma has yet to get her 2nd upgrade (Kai Ni). It is unknown when exactly she will achieve Kai Ni, but the fact that she hasn’t yet should be reason for fans of this demure destroyer to celebrate. Once she is finally recognized by the KanColle gods, it’s highly likely that we’ll be seeing more of her in events or other sorties. Until then my poor Inazuma will stay around level 27, only called upon when I’m desperate. Sorry darlin, I play to win.


Inazuma 6

The original Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) destroyer Inazuma (電 “Lightning”) was commissioned in November of 1932 in Osaka. She was the fourth ship of the Akatsuki Class Destroyers, which at the time were considered the best destroyers in the Japanese Navy. Unfortunately Inazuma got off to a rocky start, because 2 years after her launch she collided with the Miyuki. The collision sunk the Miyuki and severed the bow of the Inazuma, and she was towed away for repairs.

During the war itself, Inazuma served with distinction in the Japanese fleet. At the onset of the war with America, Inazuma was helping secure the port of Hong Kong. However, soon after she would suffer another collision, this time with the transport ship Sendai Maru. After being patched up by the repair ship Akashi, Inazuma then made her way into her first naval battles.


On March 1st 1942 in the Second Battle of the Java Sea, Inazuma would score her first kills of the war by helping to take out USS Pope, HMS Encounter, and the HMS Exeter. From this battle Inazuma gained a reputation among the enemy, not for battle prowess but for mercy. After the battle her and Ikazuchi rescued hundreds of enemy sailors from the waters, putting her at great risk of submarine attack.

Inazuma continues the war mostly on patrol or on transport missions. She added USS Benham, USS Walke, and USS Preston to ships she assisted in sinking. On May 14th 1944 Inazuma was sunk by a torpedo from the submarine USS Bonefish. Since then the name Inazuma has lived in two warships on the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force. The JDS Inazuma (DE-203) served Japan from 1956-1977, and the JDS Inazuma (DD-105) is still in service today.


Now you know a little more about the character and real destroyer Inazuma! Let us know what you think of this new series, what other information you might be interested in, and which ship-girl you want to see in the next one by contacting us. Well I’m going to get back to this Kantai Collection Spring Event that’s slowly driving me insane. Thanks for reading, and till next time fair winds and following seas Teitoku!


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