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I’m still in the midst of the KanColle Spring event. For all my fellow Teitoku out there trying desperately to beat E-7, I feel your pain! While you’re in between rage inducing sorties check out this look into a popular Kantai Musume. Non-KanColle players are welcome too, as there’s some pretty interesting information that comes with these girls! Another week, another KanColle girl for your reading/viewing pleasure! Enjoy!



Isuzu is a Nagara Class Light Cruiser, and she was my very first cruiser in Kantai Collection. Not only was she my first cruiser, she was the first non-destroyer in my fleet. I remember thinking that it was nice to have the slightly higher firepower of a light cruiser, while maintaining the ability to use torpedoes. Though she wouldn’t remain my flag ship for long, she did help me out greatly in clearing much of the 1st World of KanColle. To date she remains one of my favorite ship girls in terms of designs in the game, which makes me sad that she wasn’t even a small part of the anime. Hopefully they will remedy this in the upcoming KanColle second season/movie!


Isuzu features the best anti-air stats of light-cruisers in the game, as well as a fantastic ASW (Anti-Submarine Warfare) stats at max rank. Her line-of-sight and  armor stats are pretty good as well, but other than that she’s average in just about every other way. Last year Isuzu was given the rare ability to use anti-air cut in without needing Anti-Air Fire Directors. This makes her one of two ships capable of dealing massive amounts of damage to airplanes without special equipment from rare ship drops! With her anti-air sharpshooter skills, I’m surprised some enterprising Pixiv artist hasn’t drawn here playing Duck Hunt with abyssal planes. I bet she would never get laughed at by the dog… I hated that dog.


In terms of personality Isuzu doesn’t stand out as much as some of the more popular characters in the game. She talks in an overconfident manner, and jokingly calls you an idiot in some situations. There is one line that hints at here having tsundere qualities, but it’s not enough to definitively call her a full blown tsundere. There are some points of Isuzu’s dialogue where she makes references to past captains of the IJN Isuzu (more below), but this is really the only points of interest for her. The rest of her quotes boil down to things like:

  • “There’s a report for you. Read it well.”
  • “Heheh, that’ll do. Now I’m more ready to fight!”
  • “New forces have been added.”

As you can see, it’s not the most original dialogue. It’s not as though her lines are delivered in a monotonous way, they just lack the personality of some of her more popular in game counterparts. To be fair if you’re looking for a Nagara Class ship with a lot of personality you’re not going to find much (except in Abukuma). However, if you’re like me and play to win, you know that Isuzu’s charm lays in her massive… AA stats. Right that’s what I was going for… moving on.


Isuzu was the second ship in the Nagara class of ships, and she was commissioned on August 15th 1923. In her pre-war years of service she was captained by Isoroku Yamamoto and Tamon Yamaguchi, who went on to become prominent figures in the war. This fact is not lost on the in-game Isuzu, as she boasts about her former captains rising to greatness. During these pre-war years she would patrol the waters around China as sociopolitical tensions rose between the two nations.  Much like Inazuma, Isuzu would be participating the the attack on Hong Kong during the attack on Pearl Harbor. From Hong Kong Isuzu would spend most of her time in escort fleets around the Indian Ocean until late 1942.


This Nagara Class Cruiser participated in the Solomon Island Campaign, the Battle of Leyte Gulf, and a number of smaller missions involving convoys and ferrying troops. Later in the war she was outfitted with anti-air equipment, which is echoed in the game today by her phenomenal in game AA stats. Most of her service record during the war involves protecting convoys, as well as providing cover fire for troops. She was sunk on April 7th 1945 after taking fire from three US submarines. Since the sinking of that Isuzu, a Destroyer Escort ship carried the Isuzu name from 1961-1992. Whether or not an Isuzu will ever grace the sea again is yet to be seen.


At least she has the roads.

TL;DR: Isuzu is a great addition to many fleet compositions that involve the need for heavy AA. She’s also very capable in ASW scenarios, but it’s usually better to go with destroyers for ASW. Her personality isn’t the most stand out in the game, but her character design is fantastic and she has a tsundere moment here and there.

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  1. Interesting that her AA is so strong, and quite possibly a reason to consider using her in more than just my expedition fleet. Unfortunately for her, she shares a class with my beloved Sendai girls…

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