Anime Arcade 8 – Summer 2016 Picks!

Carlos, Jeff, and Logan sit down to decide who will be covering what this season!  In a season chock full of awesome sounding shows, it was hard to pick just 5 each!

Here are each hosts picks:


  1. Love Live Sunshine
  2. 91 Days
  3. Momokuri
  4. Handa-kun
  5. Taboo Tattoo


  1. Berserk
  2. Orange
  3. Qualidea Code
  4. Battery
  5. Sweetness and Lightning


  1. Amanchu!
  2. Rewrite
  3. ReLife
  4. Tales of Zestiria X
  5. Food Wars 2

Thanks for listening!



Music by Bensound
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