Cutest Characters of Summer 2016!

It’s that time of the season! We’ve been introduced to a majority of the characters, so lets get down to business and share what we each believe to be the cutest of the bunch! (Characters from shows that started in the previous season are excluded)

Jeff’s Picks!

5. Naho Takamiya (Orange)

Naho is hardly a character who has taken my breath away with her dynamic personality, but it would simply be a sin to not show the beautiful character design of Orange on this list. Naho is really bit of an empty shell at this point in the show, just reacting to the whims of her future self. However, it seems that she does have a mind of her own down the road, so there is hope for her.

4. Maihime Tenkawa (Qualidea Code)

Qualidea Code hasn’t blown me away so far, but its hard to overlook Maihime. Her ostentatious design and personality just beg to be noticed. Cliche? Of course she is, but she’s still going to make one hell of a figure.

3. Ruby Kurosawa (Love Live! Sunshine!!)

Prepare for a pair of idols. I honestly thought that Ruby was going to annoy me before the airing of Sunshine. Over the top shyness typically gets on my nerves, especially in anime. She has definitely won me over though. I look forward to seeing her come out of that shell, but hope we never lose those priceless reactions of hers.

2. Riko Sakurauchi (Love Live! Sunshine!!)

This may be the last member of Aqours that I expected to love, but here she is… Do I have a type?

1. Tsumugi Inazuka (Sweetness & Lightning)

There is something so touching about a bond between a father and his child, especially when said child is someone as precious as Tsumugi. This little girl is very much made of the “Sweetness and Lightning” that is her shows namesake, and manages to bring a smile to my face nearly every moment shes on screen. A total package of all things cute, wrapped up in a blanket, and presented in the best way possible.


Carlos’s Picks!

5. Yuki Kurihara (Momokuri)

Every season needs an adorable stalker-girl, and Momokuri’s Yuki delivers that in spades! Her ability to make the uncomfortable subject of stalking into total moe-overload is outstanding. I was kinda hoping we’d see an Yandere side to her this season, but if she wants to stay a moe-stalker then that’s fine by me!


4. Kou Yagami (New Game!)

In a normal office environment it would be mortifying to see your boss sleeping in their underwear, but Kou pulls it off fantastically in New Game! Honestly I would be incredibly motivated to work under her (hehe). Seriously though it’s good to see a mid-20’s girl as a moe type character, without her being a teacher!


3. Mizuki Usami (This Art Club Has a Problem!)

I’m  normally not one for tsundere girls, but Mizuki’s expressions in this show are just too cute to pass up. I think she’s more dere than tsun, so that’s what draws me to her. Whatever the case her little celebration at the end of the last episode (Ep 4 for you future people) was one of the most adorable things I’ve seen in anime.


2. Ruby Kurosawa (Love Live! Sunshine!!)

I’ll level with you Ruby might not be my best girl by the end of the season, but based on where we are right now (Ep 4) with the show I am willing to say she’s the cutest. Shy with a hint of hidden eccentric, Ruby ‘s reactions and interactions are all meant to pull on your “aww” bone. It has worked on me thus far, as Ruby is a strong contender for best girl in my eyes.

Screenshot (247)

1. Tsumugi Inazuka (Sweetness & Lightning)

Hands down the cutest character of the season for me is Tsumugi from Sweetness & Lightning. Her interactions with her father, Kotori, and her friends are all adorable, and the her voice actress really brings out the lovable nature of the character. While she’s not cute in the sense of the girls I’ve listed above, she is cute in the sense that she pulls on your sense of protectiveness. Whether you’re a girl or guy, you can’t help but feel for the little girl growing up without her mother.


Logan’s Picks!

5. Mari Ohara (Love Live! Sunshine!!)

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a sucker for a blonde.  Eli was my favorite girl from Muse, and I immediately latched on to Mari!  Her character is really interesting to me, as she is not only a student and eventualy member of Aquors, but she is also the schools Director. It’s no joke!


4. Chizuru Hishiro (ReLIFE)

Holy character development!  If you haven’t watched ReLIFE yet, you’re missing out.  I have a soft spot for socially awkward girls, and I loved Chizuru’s depth of character and her attitude towards her situation. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen a character like her in anime before.


3. Futaba Ooki (Amanchu)

Amanchu! may be the prettiest looking anime this season, and they certainly didn’t skimp character designs.  Futaba is timid and a touch melancholy, yet full of emotion, and when that emotion overtakes her, it’s adorable.

Futaba Ooki

2. Kotori Iida (Sweetness and Lightning)

Kotori is adorable. I find her background kind of sad, as her mom is often too busy to cook her food or eat with her.  The happiness that I see radiate off of her when she gets to cook with Kouhei for Tsumugi leaves me smiling for the rest of the day.  I love the comedy centered around her character as well: her bold front the first time Kouhei and Tsumugi come over leading her to make a desperate call to her mother for help, and her instant response that she hasn’t made any friends, when an old one joins her for lunch at school.  She’s a great character in a great show.

Kotori SL

1. Hifumi Takimoto (New Game!)

Hey! Did I mention that I like socially awkward girls? Well it’s no surprise then that Hifumi is my favorite character from this season.  She’s is ridiculously adorable.  Her attempt at smiling in episode 2 made me squee like a school girl and her usage of emoticons on her excuse slip was hilarious! I love the dichotomy between her outward expressiveness and her communication over other forms of messaging.  I hope we get to see what she secretly cosplays as!




Anime Arcades Cutest Character of Summer 2016:

~ Tsumugi Inazuka ~

With 2 out of 3 #1 picks, it was a no-brainer on who should be the A² Cutest Character of Summer 2016! Tsumugi is a fantastic “daughter type” character that is reminiscent of Naru or Renge from seasons past. You can’t help but love her expressions, and reactions to the world around her. We’re looking forward to the rest of the season with her in it!


These have been our picks for Cutest Characters of Summer 2016, but we would love to hear yours! Please share yours with us on here and social media!

Looking for (legal) ways to find and watch the girls we have listed here? Follow the links below to watch the shows that host them!

Amanchu – Love Live! Sunshine!! – Momokuri – New Game! – Orange – Qualidea Code – ReLIFE – Sweetness & Lightning – This Art Club Has a Problem!

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