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At the end of June I held a vote on our Twitter to see who should be our next KanColle Spotlight. In an outcome that should come as a surprise to no one, the majority of you went with Kongou as the next ship for me to cover. I apologize for not getting to this sooner, but with Anime Expo, our collaboration unboxing, and school, July has been a pretty busy month for your truly. Still I would be remiss in my duties as a writer, and as a Teitoku if I didn’t bring you this ship girl as soon as possible! So here she is, the girl 46% of you voted for…




Kongou is the name ship of the Kongou-class of Fast Battleships (FBB) in Kantai Collection. She is one of the most notable characters in the KanColle due both to her design, and to her eccentric voice lines. In my own experience she was the 2nd of the Kongou-class that I received in game (the first being Kirishima), and she has been a dependable staple of my fleet since I got her. As a fast battleship she combines the speed of smaller ships with the firepower that comes with larger ones in a sort of best-of-both-worlds situation. Kongou and her sisters are widely used for events and map clearing due to their lower maintenance costs and their ability to deal massive amounts of damage. As it stands I am currently using Kongou in an attempt to open up some maps to help me finish some quests.


In terms of her stats Kongou is strong among her fast battleship brethren, but she’s weaker than most of the slower battleships. In typical battleship fashion her firepower and armor statistics are her impressive when maxed out. Unlike her slower sisters Kongou’s evasion is decent as well, but the rest of her stats are average at best. She does best on maps that require fast fleets, or if you’re strapped for resources. To be fair Kongou is the oldest ship in KanColle, so it makes sense that she’d be less strong the newer ships. The fact that has quite the following, despite being weaker than other battleships speaks to her magnetic personality.


Yes, dear reader, personality is where Kongou really shines. Using her English origins the creators of the game gave her a slightly eccentric attitude, and a penchant for random English words. Her lines are delivered in an excited and loud tone from voice actress Nao Touyama who is a VERY accomplished seiyuu. It’s unsurprising that the combination of her looks, voice, and attitude have captured the hearts of many an anime and gaming fan alike! Some of her more memorable lines in game inclide:

  • Burning… Love!
  • Hey! Admiral! I don’t mind you touching me,
    but there’s a time and place for everything!
  • Admiral! You’ve got mail! Love Letters aren’t allowed!
  • Shit! The precious equipment I got from the admiral! (Yes she says “Shit” in English)
  • 4 P.M. HEY Admiral~ How about having one of my hand-made scones?

Kongou was so popular in the game that she became a major part of the KanColle anime as well! In the anime she is shown as a beloved sister of the other ships in her class, as well as a dependable older ship to the other girls in the fleet. She spends most of the anime fawning over the unseen admiral, getting into hijinks with her sisters, and helping “Bucky” (Fubuki) in times of strife. You can expect her to get more screen time in the upcoming movie, as well as the eventual second season.



The first of the Kongou Class Battlecruiser was built in Portsmouth, England by Barrow-in-Furness and the Vickers Shipbuilding Company. She was launched in 1912 and commissioned in August 1913. After commissioning she would head to Japan where she participated in the Japanese capture of German assets during World War I. Kongou and Hiei participated in the Siege of Tsingtao during the war, but otherwise Kongou spent time patrolling the recently acquired Chinese waters. In the post war years she underwent a massive series of upgrades and modernizations to become a full fledged battle ship.


When war broke out once again, Kongou was on the front attacking British assets in South-East Asia. She defended the ships bringing troops to places like Luzon, and the Philippines. Kongou participated in the bombardment of Ambon Island with Takao and Atago in the early stages of the war. She would continue to play a large role in bombarding islands for capture during the occupation of the Dutch East Indies known as Operation J. Kongou (and Japan) would not know victory for long, as she was assigned to the invasion fleet for the disastrous Operation MI (Midway). Her and most of her fleet would make it through the battle, but the rest of her service record would be minor victories in retreat.


Kongou provided naval bombardments to Henderson Field in an attempt to help retake Guadalcanal from the American forces, but despite successfully disrupting operations, the army could not follow up on the attacks. She spent the year of 1943 escorting destroyers carrying troops across the dangerous waters that were now constantly patrolled by US ships and subs. During the battles of the Philippine Sea, Leyte Gulf, and Sibuyan Sea Kongou remained largely unharmed, and she managed to score hits on enemy ships as well. This run of good fortune came to an abrupt end on the 16th of November 1944 when a US submarine hit her with two torpedoes. After attempts to stop the flooding failed, the crew eventually made plans to evacuate. However, one of the forward magazines exploded during the evacuation taking all but 237 men to their graves.

Today Kongou once again sails the seas, but this time as a guided missile destroyer (DDG-173). The new Kongou was commisioned in 1993 and remains in service to this day. She is once again an older sister of 3, but this time her sisters include Kirishima, Myōkō, and Chōkai. The JDS Kongou was the first ship outside of the United States to feature the Aegis integrated weapon system. One has to wonder if members of this newer Kongou shout “Burning LOVE” during their training exercises, and war games.


TL;DR: Kongou is a must have ship in KanColle for any Teitoku. Her and her sisters help you unlock a fleet slot, and she has the speed and power to help you through many map types. If you like bright and energetic characters, then Kongou also has you covered in that department. She is arguably the most memorable character in the game/anime, both in personality and in design. Are you ready to be her Admiral?

Love Kongou, or ship girls in general? Tell us about it by contacting us! Check us out on Twitter to participate in the poll to see who thew next girl will be in the KanColle spotlight!



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