Summer Wonfes 2016 Highlights

The grand celebration of all things figures has come to a close, at least for 2016. With the summer edition of WonFes now past, some of us are still left wiping the drool from our face, and the sweat from our brow. It certainly was another impressive showcase this year, and somehow your friendly A² staff has managed to compose themselves enough to pick favorites. We even pick a “Best in Show” this time around!

For those who may not know, WonFes is sort for the Tokyo Wonder Festival, which is a semiannual event held in Chiba, Japan. The main focus of the event over in Japan is actually more oriented toward displaying and selling “garage kits”, which are typically amateur sculptures of anime and game characters. Unfortunately most of us can’t be there for a shot at collecting some of these super limited sculpts, but thankfully the major figure companies also preview some of their upcoming releases! As can be expected from a preview, many of the figures displayed are still unfinished, but the unpainted models are still enough to stir up the hype.

Without further ado, here are some of the releases that caught the collective eyes of Anime Arcade!


Jeff’s Picks! –

5. Mumei – 1/7 (Good Smile Company)

I must be totally frank. I unfortunately have not had the time to watch much anime for the last couple seasons, and unfortunately Mumei and Kabaneri have fallen victim to this downtime. Without a deep knowledge of the character, I can still acknowledge her beautiful design, and this figure captures it perfectly. I can’t wait to see it painted.

4. Amami Haruka – Kasuga Mirai – Shimamura Uzuki (Stronger)

Alright, you can’t deny the value of a three in one, right? For the 10th anniversary, we get a figure that brings the Idolm@ster, Cinderella Girls, and Million Live! generations together. Even if best idol isn’t here, this is still a gem for any fan of the series.

3. Shidare Hotaru (Pulchra)

To put it simply, even though Saya is best girl, Hotaru is a beautiful character. Now, for the first time, you can have her inside a wheel and roll her around your desk when you’re bored at work. It reminds me of a certain Mika figure I have been wanting for a long time… Oh look, my birthday is coming up.

2. Bismarck – 1/8 (Good Smile Company)

Kantai Collection’s personification of everybody’s favorite German battleship, now in figure form! This has probably been the ship I have wanted the most since I started playing Kancolle, so its no surprise that I love the figure. Good Smile nailed it.

1. Jougasaki Rika (Phat Company)

She may not be best idol, but she is the little sister of best idol. I love this figure, and can not wait to see the explosion of color once its painted. I see a future of the figure I mentioned above (again, my birthday is coming up) and this, sitting together in sisterly harmony on my shelf. Smiles abound.



Carlos’s Picks! –

5. Takao (Max Factory)

One of the most popular characters in KanColle, Takao has already received a couple of her own figures before. However, this particular Takao caught my attention for the *ahem* enticing stance. What? I can’t appreciate her stance?!?

4. Rem Nendroid (Good Smile Company)

Whether you like her or not (and I like her), Rem is one of the most popular characters of the Spring and Summer seasons this year. It’s not surprise then to see her already in nendroid form, good job Good Smile Company! Now where’s her full figure… and her sister as well!

3. Ako Tamaki (Di molto bene)

YES! Thank you! I loved Ako’s character, even if Netoge no Yome wasn’t the strongest anime. I still want more figures of her but thanks to Di molto bene for bringing us the first of (hopefully) many Ako figures! She looks fantastic!

2. Sakura Kinomoto (Kotobukiya, Takara Tomy)

I swear to Haruhi, I will have far too many Sakura figures in the near future. Kotobukiya has released one of the best looking prototypes of the entire WonFes with this Sakura Kinomoto figure! I love the fact that Keroberos is also in this figure as well. I can’t wait to see it with color!

1. Rise Kujikawa (Aquamarine)

Persona 4’s top idol Rise Kujikawa came out in her Arabian Armor outfit for the Summer WonFes! I love the color of this figure, and her pose is perfect for the slightly ditsy Rise. I’m looking forward to losing money on her in the near future!


Logan’s Picks! –

5. Tachibana Marika – 1/7 (Revolve)

An unpopular opinion, Marika is my favorite girl from Nisekoi.  The color of this character looks fantastic and the pose is awesome! Love the small details on the base as well!

4. Tokisaki Kurumi (Broccoli)

I have a sad history with Kurumi Tokisaki figures. One of my favorite figures was a previous figure of hers that got lost in the mail and never arrived. Hopefully this one colors well and I can finally get a figure of my favorite Yandere!

3. Mizunashi Akari – 1/8 (Wing)

Aria the Animation is one of my top 5 favorite anime. I never dreamed that we would get a scale figure of this quality! I’m over the moon with excitement right now! Now I just need one of Alice and Alicia and Aika and Akira and Athena!!!

2. Jibril – 1/7 (Phat Company)

A fallen Angel thirsty for knowledge, among other things, Jibril is my favorite character from No Game No Life, and the detail and color of this character is a home run for me!

1. Asuna (Orca Toys)

This is the most dynamic figure I saw during WonFes 2016. Love the pose, love the base and I love the color. Badass Asuna = best Asuna!


Anime Arcade’s Favorite Concepts:


Tomoe Mami – Nendoroid (Good Smile Company)

Okay, so Mami is pretty awesome, and all anime babes look better in a yukata. Being from Good Smile, I’m confident that this figure is going to be gorgeous. She looks damn good in pink, huh?


Kantai Collection – Iowa – 1/8 (Max Factory)

Iowa was the first American addition to the KanColle universe, so it’s only fitting that the blonde bombshell gets her own figure! She’ll also be getting a nendroid and a figma, but I’m most excited for the 1/8 scale figure.


Fate/Grand Order – Saber Alter

Love the character design, love the contrast of color, and her sword reminds me of one of those fun pens with multiple colors. I’m a simple man!


Anime Arcade’s Best of Show:

Asuna (Orca Toys)

There were a ton of figures that were shown that we absolutely loved.  This figure of Asuna by Orca Toys stood a step above the rest.  The pose is dynamic and full of attitude. The base is interesting, adding depth to the overall feel. The colors look fantastic and the detail is impressive.  We feel that this figure was the overall most impressive figure of the Summer Wonfes 2016!


Check out the full list of figures showcased HERE and HERE (*Warning* NSFW figures included in lists)


Feel free to share your favorites from this Summer WonFes 2016 in the comments or hit us up on Twitter!

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