News: Sentai Filmworks December Releases Announced!

Sentai Filmworks has announce a new batch of anime Blu-ray and DVD releases for the month of December from Section23 Films. The following anime are getting a video release at the end of the year:

The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors & Hostel Behavior

Studio: Brain’s Base
Shigeyuki Miya
Episode Count: 12
Languages: Japanese with English subtitles
Release Date:
Price: $59.98

Synopsis: For some, a home is where the heart is. For others, it’s where people send those whose brains aren’t functioning properly. So, when Kazunari Usa is sent to the Kawai Boarding House, it may take a while for him to figure out what kind of “home” his new “home” is. Let’s just say that the troublemaking college girl and the perpetually grumpy working woman have some serious issues to work out. On one hand, his new roommate is a pervert and a masochist who peeps at girls’ schools, and the landlady thinks feminine protection means leaving weapons lying around the girls’ part of the dorm. On the other hand, Kawai is also home to Ritsu Kawai, who steals Usa’s heart the second he sees her on his first day at his new school. That alone may just make living in this strange new house worth every second it takes to learn the complex rules of The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors & Hostel Behavior!

Little Busters! EX

Studio: J.C. Staff
Director: Yoshiki Yamakawa
Episode Count: 8
Format: Blu-ray & DVD
Languages: English & Japanese with English subtitles
Release Date: 12/6/2016
Price: $49.98 (BD) & $39.98 (DVD)

Synopsis: Does the new girl in Riki Naoe’s life need his help, or is she actually trying to kill him? After a chance encounter on a rooftop brings the enigmatic Saya Tokido into the Little Busters’ world, the only thing that’s certain is that trouble is sure to follow. As if saving the lives of his teammates wasn’t enough of a task to handle, now Riki must also untangle a web of new mysteries that seem to be rooted in his own personal past! Who are the Dark Executives, why do they want to keep Saya and Riki apart, and what is the nature of the secret treasure that Saya seeks? Sometimes, answers lead to even more questions as Riki and the Little Busters discover that they weren’t the only people drawn into Kyousuke’s artificial world in LITTLE BUSTERS! EX!


Battle Dolls Angelic Layer

Studio: Bones
Director: Masahiko Minami
Episode Count: 26
Format: Blu-ray
Languages: English & Japanese with English subtitles
Release Date: 12/13/2016
Price: $59.98

Synopsis: From the moment twelve-year-old Misaki Suzuhara first arrives in Tokyo to live with her aunt, she finds herself swept away by the amazing world of Angelic Layer – a fast-paced high-tech game where dolls called “Angels” are controlled by the thoughts of their operator, or “Deus”. Discovering that her new friends are as interested in Angelic Layer as she is, Misaki builds her own Angel, Hikaru, and begins competing in battles where will and determination count far more than size and strength. The competitions are going to be fierce and, with the national championships looming on the horizon, you can bet that not everyone Misaki meets will be on her side. Can Misaki handle the pressure of non-stop competition while struggling to adapt to life in an unfamiliar city? From the amazing minds and pens of Japan’s legendary all-female creative team, CLAMP, it’s the coming of age adventure that’s become an all-time anime classic – ANGELIC LAYER!


Hakuoki ~ Demon of the Fleeting Blossom: Record of the Jade Blood Season 2

Studio: Studio Deen
Director: Osamu Yamasaki
Episode Count: 10
Format: Blu-ray
Languages: English & Japanese with English subtitles
Release Date: 12/13/2016
Price: $69.98

Synopsis: Betrayed by the shogun and forced to flee to Edo, the Shinsengumi are fighting a desperate battle; not just for their lives, but for their very souls and the ideals they swore to stand for. Now, as Harada, Shinpachi, and Saito launch a dangerous thrust to fight their way out of Koufu, Chizuru must decide whether to hold true to her own oath to Hijikata. Will she stand guard over the wounded Kondou and Okita, or will she succumb to the hopelessness and disillusionment that has shattered their ranks? As the Fury’s advance, Hijikata must face the greatest test of all: can he keep the Shinsengumi together? Can the powers to be gained from the Water of Life ever justify the nightmarish price? As the fires of war threaten to consume Japan, the last hopes of salvation lie in the courage and steel of a chosen few in Hakuoki: Record of the Jade Blood!


Love, Chuunibyo & Other Delusions ~ Heart Throb (Premium Box Set)

Studio: Kyoto Animation
Director: Tatsuya Ishihara
Episode Count: 12
Format: COMBO
Languages: English & Japanese with English subtitles
Release Date: 12/13/2016
Price: $149.98

Synopsis: Yuta Togashi thought he had problems dealing with one delusional girlfriend in the person of Rikka Takanashi, but now things are about to go totally insane as his FORMER “one true soul mate” from when he was a chuuni himself returns with a vengeance! So how bad is Satone Shichimiya’s re-entry into Togashi’s chuni-verse likely to be? Let’s just say that she’s so epically off the deep end of the chuni-scale that she prefers to use the name Sophia Ring SP Saturn VII and that she’ll joyfully tear Togashi’s real world to pieces in order to get him back in her imaginary one! Some girls just want to have fun and some want to break down the walls between their boyfriends and themselves. But when a girl’s idea of fun is breaking down the wall between their presumed boyfriend and reality, retreating into a fantasy world might just be Togashi’s best option. Especially since Satone knows where ALL the skeletons from his past are buried. Toss Rikka’s equally delusional friend Sanae into the mix and girl-crazy takes on a whole new meaning in LOVE, CHUNIBYO & OTHER DELUSIONS – HEART THROB!


My Love Story

Studio: Madhouse
Director: Morio Asaka
Episode Count: 24
Format: Blu-ray & DVD
Languages: English & Japanese with English subtitles
Release Date: 12/20/2016
Price: $99.98 (BD) & $79.98 (DVD)

Synopsis: Takeo Goda’s hulking physique and affinity for sports make him popular with other guys, but girls just find him intimidating. Unaware of his gentle nature, the girls that Takeo likes always seem to fall for his handsome best friend, Suna, instead. Takeo is resigned to being Suna’s wingman, with no hard feelings between them, until Takeo rescues Rinko Yamato from a molester on the train. Unfortunately, while Rinko might see past Takeo’s brutish appearance, Takeo’s become so conditioned to girls preferring Suna that he assumes Rinko is the same! Being the good, genuine guy he is, he’s going to do everything he can to help the two of them be happy. Will Takeo let himself believe someone likes him? Love isn’t blind: it’s just a little dense in MY LOVE STORY!!


Wakaba Girl

Studio: Nexus
Director: Masaharu Watanabe
Episode Count: 13
Format: Blu-ray & DVD
Languages: Japanese with English subtitles
Release Date: 12/20/2016
Price: $34.98 (BD) & $24.98 (DVD)

Synopsis: Even though her ridiculously wealthy family tries to give her everything, it’s not until the sheltered Wakaba Kohashi fails to get into an upscale school that she finds what she really needed: a group of friends who want to know the real her, and not her status. Her new school mates may not be up to date on haute couture, but Wakaba is enthralled by their knowledge about the outside world, including the flashy “gyaru” fashion. Soon, Wakaba is helping (or TRYING to help) her newfound friends with their newfound high school girl problems. From helping innocent Moeko though gymnastics, standing in for Nao in a beauty contest, and inadvertently helping Mao act like a rich girl, to simply enjoying the joys of girl talk and sharing ice cream, there’s a whole new world of everyday wonders waiting to be discovered in WAKABA*GIRL!

These are the physical releases set to come out in the month of December! Which ones are you most excited for? Let us know here or on our various social media pages! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go pre-order the Love, Chuunibyo & Other Delusions ~ Heart Throb Premium Box Set! Cheers!

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