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Today the good people at the Love Live! Wikia released a Google Doc with a proposition for fans of the Love Live! franchise in North America and Europe. The document outlines the steps and measures we as fans can take to help us attain a live viewing of Aqours’ First Live! While these are not definitive ways in which we can get the much desired live viewing of a Love Live! concert, they might at least make distributors and concert promoters take notice. Here are the main pointers prescribed in the document:

  1. Contact your country’s licencor directly. A petition is useful for gathering interest, but it’s more likely that a licencor will listen if you email them directly and request.
  2. Start emailing early. Negotiations with the JP side and local cinemas take time, and the earlier you email and request the higher the chance that a successful negotiation takes place.
  3. Quantity is very important. That being said, “quantity” doesn’t mean that one person sends out 10000 emails; rather, the more emails from unique individuals the better. How much more likely is 10000 people each buying a ticket compared to one person buying 10000 tickets?
  4. Make good on your promises. If say, Funimation receives 10000 emails to host a live viewing in the US, but only 50 tickets are sold on the actual day, that could significantly influence their decision to host another live viewing for Aqours’ Second Live (whenever that happens). So if you do send an email, please try your best to go and attend if a live viewing is hosted by your country’s licencor.
  5. Don’t give up. It is very unlikely that you will receive any sort of positive response in the first few months, if at all. Your emails will most likely be reaching first level support, who may not know what to do. Your responses will most likely be standard PR responses or some variation thereof, if they even bother to respond in the first place. But still, continue contacting. One email to request is easily discarded, but if there is a constant stream of emails monthly, weekly, or even maybe daily, it’s much more likely that your emails will be successfully forwarded to the relevant department. Continue sending a reminder every once in awhile through Twitter, Facebook, e-mail and any other contact point available. Keep it on their minds, and the chances of something being done about it will be much higher.
  6. But most importantly, don’t lose hope. The announcement for Sydney’s live viewing came only two weeks before the Final Live. Don’t be discouraged if there’s no response, but continue to persevere, and hopefully, your efforts will pay off.

The Google Doc goes on to provide the distributors contact information for North America and parts of Europe, as well as an example letter to follow as a sort of template. While these are (again) not sure-fire ways to get us the live stream of Aqours’ First Live that we all dream of, they are ways to make the industry aware of the demand. You can find the full document HERE, and be sure to visit the Love Live! Wikia page and Twitter for all pertinent updates on this situation.


Now get typing everyone! If we want to see the First Live in real time (not months later on Blu-ray) we gotta get to them now. Ladies and gentlemen, start your typing!

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