Anime Arcade 14 – Fall Picks + News + Giveaway

As the Summer 2016 season winds down, we take a look at the upcoming season and decide which shows each of us will cover.  We then talk about the Crunchyroll and Funimation partnership and what this might mean for anime in the west!

Fantasy Football Talk: 49:25 – 54:16

We Are Doing A Giveaway!!

To celebrate 6 months of podcasting, as well as hitting 20,000 views on the site, we have decided to show our appreciation to all of you by giving you a chance to win a cool prize!


All you have to do to enter to win is listen to this episode of the podcast (episode 14) and comment here telling us who you think drafted the best group of shows and why! Feel free to add what shows you look forward to as well!

A winner will be drawn randomly, from those whose comments meet the criteria, next Sunday (9/25) at 12PM Pacific Time!  Good luck, and thank you to all of you that have checked us out!

Giveaway is for US residents only!



Congratulations to Joseph Beasley on winning our giveaway!


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Readers Comments (8)

  1. Yo guys Fullmetal snorlax from the OS forums. Considering I’m pretty into Jojo’s I’ll toss my hand into the giveaway.

    Logan you had me when you picked a shaft show, I’m always willing to give them a shot, but then you choose shows that I had no interest in.
    So my choice is for sure Carlos. He chose Keijo possibly the only show I’m going to be watching next season, seeing as I usually binge sports shows I.e haikyuu and all out. He chose my wife is a student council president, as well as the “fate alike” as I’ve coined it.

    Now give me more giant robots, more “deep psychological shows”, and more trippy visuals!!!

  2. Hii~ Ayuu here also from the OS forums. ^^ Fullmetal and Semibolt finally got me on the Jojo bandwagon so I’m actually semi-interested in those prizes, especially that hat. 😉

    I’ma have to go with Logan for best draft. March Comes In Like a Lion (Always interested in more Shaft), Udon No Kuni No Kiniro Kemari (hopefully it can fill the void left by Sweetness and Lightning), Idol Memories (I’m a sucker for anything with idols in it), Haikyuu s3 (hype, just absolute hype), and Sound Euphonium 2 (hints of yuri are always fun, also S1 was breathtakingly beautiful and had great music to boot so I’m sure this will as well) are all shows I am beyond excited for.

    In terms of Carlos’s picks I’ll probably be watching Keijo! (because who won’t be), Drifters (looks like a fairly interesting historical-ish show) and Magic of Stella (looks adorable).
    And for Jeff’s picks I’ll most likely be watching occult;nine (looks like some nice mind-bendy stuff with some awesome art), shuumatsu no izetta (probably way too hyped about this but the PV’s look so awesome! I hope it doesn’t disappoint) Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku (always on board for dark magical girls), and I’ll be adding Lugar Code 1951 to my check out list because it sounds really interesting. ^^

    Some other shows I’m fairly hyped about are Show By Rock! S2, Bungou Stray Dogs 2, Iron Blooded Orphans S2, Classicaloid, Flip Flappers, Girlish Number, and Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru…

    And that’s not all of them either just the stuff I’m most interested in….I’m probably going to be watching way more then I should because there’s so much this season I want to give a shot…OTL

    • Ayuu knows whats up!! 😀

      I wish I had to watch more than I’m going to be able to because there are a lot of shows that sound interesting this upcoming season! You’ll have to let me know of any good ones that you come accross!!

  3. Hello anime arcade meowth900 here just writing down stuff for that give away thing on episode 14 of the podcast

    Hello I am Meowth900 from Twitter and I listen to the show through iTunes and talk to you people through Twitter. I thought Carlos had the best draft for fall 2016 anime mostly because perverts ftw.

    The shows I’m looking forward to in fall 2016 anime season are season 3 of Haikyu, the second half of Bungo Stray Diogs, and Drifters.

  4. JoJo…
    Alright Jeff shocked me with having the best draft considering his fantasy football skills.
    With a shocking dark magical girl as one of them, he set the bar high on that one. Then with solids picks in Occult nine and Luger Code (which are 2 shows I am also interested in, Jeff will go down as number 1 this season.
    I am also interested in Drifters (Carlos pick), All Out (rugby), and Trickster (detective).
    Nobody picked Yuri on Ice… Well I might just have to watch and write a review on it just for you guys. Number 1 show for sure.

    • You’re the man JD! I’m glad someone appreciates my taste. I understand your shock as well my friend. You have yet to behold the greatness of my fantasy mind, but come the end of the season, it will all become clear. 😉

      Thanks for the comment buddy, and good luck with the giveaway!

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