5 Moe Faces That Deserve to be Punched

For some of you reading this post, five may seem like a short list for this sort of thing. There is a lot of moe hate out there, and many believe that moe faces need to be punched just for existing. I do not share that opinion. Like my comrades here on the site, I too fall victim to the disarming coos and doting eyes of the moe force. However, there is true evil out there, masquerading in this powerful disguise, and in those cases a swift punch to the face is well deserved.


1. Nui Harime – Kill la Kill


Quite possibly the most dangerous on our list, and also well deserving of a lot more than a punch to the face, is Nui from Kill la Kill. For those who have seen KlK this entry should come as no surprise, but for everyone else, beware. In contrast to her pink lolita attire and heart adornments, Nui is incredibly sadistic and downright dangerous. She serves as a primary source of torment to poor Ryūko throughout most of the series and well deserves the first spot on our list.

If you’re not with me on this, Kill la Kill is streaming over on Crunchyroll. Its an absolute must watch.


2. Seryu Ubiquitous – Akame ga Kill


I might as well get the violent ones out of the way first… Seryu Ubiquitous is a character that felt horribly out of place in a show like Akame ga Kill when she was introduced. I don’t want to get all spoilery, but lets just say that there is a lot more than meets the eye with her and her cute little companion, Koro. An arc that starts with a sweet and seemingly innocent little girl walking her dog, ends in very much the way that you would expect it to if you know anything about Akame ga Kill. Blood, guts, and tears.

I would leave the punching to the anime protagonists on this one.

Don’t take my word for it. Watch all the Akame ga Kill carnage over on Crunchyroll, and make sure to check out the review that’s part of Carlos’s Year of Sentai series!


3. Mana – Miss Monochrome


From the anime short, Miss Monochrome, comes probably the most adorable addition to our list of punchable faces. Without context its pretty hard to imagine why sweet little Mana-chan is here, but watching episode one should definitely aide in your understanding…

The worst part isn’t even that this little moe monster steals the entirety of Miss Monochrome’s 19.3 billion yen fortune, but that the android idol is so oblivious to what happened. Few things are worse than watching someone take advantage of the mentally challenged, and to do so using the power of moe makes this an exceptionally tough pill to swallow. Its a good thing that Miss Monochrome goes on to have more fun without the money anyway…


4. Kirino Kousaka – Oreimo


Kirino from Oreimo was basically the inspiration for this list, and is in desperate need of a visit from Captain Falcon himself. Some would call Kirino a classic example of a tsundere at work, but I would argue that she is far to heavy on the tsun end of that equation to make it a fair classification. She is consistently cruel to her friends and family throughout the series with only brief glimpses of empathy that are typically overshadowed by a self centered motive.  The interactions between her and her brother are often especially painful to watch as he is content doing just about anything to please her.

If her personality isn’t enough to warrant the hate, we basically have Kirino to thank for the surge in popularity of the incest angle in anime. Yes, the same brother that she treats like trash is also the man she wants to marry…

Regardless, Oreimo is an anime well worth watching over at Crunchyroll, if for no other reason than to bask in the light of #1 Waifu.


5. Umaru Doma -Himouto! Umaru-chan


Being a huge fan of Umaru and her antics, it actually pains me to add her to this list. While I would most likely protect her, it would be hard for me to argue that Umaru does not deserve a face punch, especially in her chibi form. She never treats anyone poorly per se, and is actually the picture of a perfect girl in public. However, behind the closed doors of the undersized apartment she shares with her brother her selfish and bratty nature rears its ugly head. Onii-chan gets the brunt of her abuse, but I would argue that his spoiling created this chibi monster, so he actually kinda deserves what hes got.

Umaru-chan is over on Crunchyroll, and worth a fair bit of laughs. Either she will win you over, or you will want to punt her across the room. There is no middle ground with Umaru.



For some, moe instills a similar feeling one would have in the presence of a cute puppy, but others are so turned off that punching is merely the beginning of the punishment. I had quite a hard time coming up with my five, so its clear where I stand. How about you?


Punch or protect?


What five faces would you choose?


Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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