Anime Arcade 16 – KanColle!

Join Carlos and Logan with their special guest, community member, and friend Eric as they discuss the various aspects of the KanColle Franchise!  The anime, the browser game, best girl, it’s all discussed in this episode of Anime Arcade!

Interested in getting into the KanColle browser game? Check out our KanColle 101 guide and join us on Discord!


Interested in Victory Belles, the mobile and browser game coming out early next year? Heres a preview of their combat, then go check out their already completed Kickstarter for information, and consider donating via Paypal!

Here’s a collage of most of the Victory Belles that have been announced so far!


We discuss our favorite girls from each ship class in the game, and here are their in-game CGs for reference:

Destroyers (DD) – Kawakaze (Eric), Yuudachi (Logan), Shigure (Carlos)




Light Cruiser (CL) –  Abukuma (Eric), Abukuma (Logan), Jintsuu (Carlos)




Heavy Cruiser (CA) – Maya (Eric), Maya (Logan), Prinz Eugan (Carlos)




Battleships (BB) – Kongou (Eric), Yamato (Logan), Haruna (Carlos)




Light Aircraft Carrier (CVL) –  Shouhou (Eric), Jun’you (Logan), Ryuujou (Carlos)




Aircraft Carrier (CV) – Hiryuu (Eric), Souryuu (Logan), Katsuragi (Carlos)




Submarine (SS) – U-511/Yuu (Eric), I-19/Iku (Logan), I-19/Iku (Carlos)




Miscellaneous – Akitsushima (Eric), Akashi (Logan), Taigei (Carlos, Eric)


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