Anime Arcade 17 – Fall 2016 First Impressions

***Episode audio has been fixed!***


Join Carlos, Jeff, JD, and Logan as they give their first impressions and recommendations about the Fall 2016 anime season!!

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The anime covered and the order they are covered in:

Izetta the Last Witch
Tiger Mask W
Poco’s Udon World
Magic of Stella
Magical Girl Raising Project
Yuri! On Ice
Flip Flappers
Sound! Euphonium 2
Lostorage incited WIXOSS
Scorching Ping Pong Girls
Ninja Girl & Samurai Master
Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans 2
My Wife is the Student Council President
Girlish Number
All Out!
Haikyuu!!! Season 3
Brave Witches
Kiss Him Not Me
March Comes in Like a Lion
I’ve Always Liked You
Ancient Magus’ Bride

Shows can be found on CRUNCHYROLL and DAISUKI

Check out JD’s youtube channel HERE!


Music by Bensound
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