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We’ve all been there. Japan comes out with something awesome, and you think, “Can’t wait till that comes to America/The West/My Hovel.” Then Japan dashes your hopes by ignoring your area entirely, and keeping their properties to themselves. Such is the case with Kantai Collection (KanColle), the popular Japanese browser game from Kadokawa Games. Many in the west have avoided this game due to perceived barriers to entry, but in reality it has never been easier to join the Teitoku (Admiral) Ranks. First let’s knock out some frequently asked questions:

Q: Don’t you have to enter some crazy/convoluted lottery system to play KanColle?
A: Not anymore. The lottery system was done away with in 2015. You still have to sign up on DMM (the host site), but that’s child’s play compared to the lottery.

Q: Isn’t it entirely in Japanese? How do you know what buttons to push?
A: What you can’t speak Japanese (it’s joke). Seriously though there are excellent programs you can use that translate everything into English, and even help you out with the more mundane aspects of the game.

Q: The game came out in 2013, will I even be able to do anything at this point?
A: Absolutely! A vast majority of the kan-musu (ship-girls) are available through building or in drops in regular maps. There are rarer ships, but you get a chance to get some of them in each event.

Q: I love ship-girls, and video games! Why am I not playing this game?!?
A: Great question, let’s get you started. You can either follow the instructions below, or head to the KanColle Wiki to figure it out there. Either way you’re headed to your first command Teitoku!


  1. Head over to DMM and make an account. You can do it on the English or the Japanese side, but I recommend you stick on the Japanese side if you can.
  2. Next clear your browser cache, and set your time zone to Osaka, Tokyo, Sapporo time (UTC +0900). You can change the time back after you’re done logging in.
  3. While logged into DMM on the Japanese side, open up your console (usually F12) and copy/paste in the following lines of code:
    1. document.cookie = “cklg=ja;expires=Sun, 09 Feb 2019 09:00:09 GMT;domain=.dmm.com;path=/netgame/”;
      document.cookie = “ckcy=1;expires=Sun, 09 Feb 2019 09:00:09 GMT;domain=.dmm.com;path=/netgame/”;
  4. Now head over to the game website and log in. You will either see a log in screen or this screen:
    log-inIf this screen pops up simply click the red button, that I’ve very elegantly pointed to, and you’ll find yourself in a log in screen.
  5. Congratulations! You can now access the world of KanColle, but your still on your way to enjoying it in English. First pick your Teitoku Name (you can not change this so choose wisely).
  6. Now pick your first ship girl from a list of 5! Don’t worry, you can (and probably will) get all the other girls by playing the game. The girls available are destroyers, and they are:
    1. Fubuki
    2. Murakumo
    3. Sazanami
    4. Inazuma (Carlos’ choice)
    5. Samidare (Logan’s choice)
  7. Now for the tutorial, follow the prompts! “Carlos, I can’t read Japanese!” I hear you say. Worry not, for your friends at the KanColle Wiki have your back (seriously you will use this site for EVERYTHING so bookmark it). Go HERE and scroll down to “Tutorials” and follow the list of things to do to finish the tutorial stage!
  8. Finished with the Tutorial? Good now we get to the fun part of getting you into an English translation program! Go ahead and close out KanColle on your browser, and check out both options below for KanColle in English.

KanColle Command Center Kai (KC3)

Presented by Logan


I use KC3, a Google Chrome add-on. Once you have successfully signed up on DMM and accessed the game on the site, all you need to do is download and install the add-on! The KC3 add-on can be downloaded HERE! One thing that makes KC3 superior to KanColle Viewer, is the fact that the quests are translated to English in-game and the girls lines supplemented with subtitles. 



To access the page, click on the new icon in the top right corner and choose one of the three options: API Link, DMM Website, Frame.  I personally recommend using the API Link as it seems to perform better than the other two.  Follow the commands on the page to open up your browsers console and then select “Start the game anyway” to get the game going!


Once you open up that console in your browser, to access the admiral command center, click on the double arrows to access the extra options and select the “KanColle” option and you’re good to go!!


KC3 contains tons of awesome features that make playing KanColle easier and more enjoyable. One of these features is something that any admiral of any experience will appreciate: Expedition criteria!  Expeditions are a fantastic way, and the easiest way, to gain resources in the game.  By clicking on the “Exped” tab, you can see what the requirements are for any expedition, and by clicking the 1, 2, 3, or 4 at the top, you can see if the selected fleet meets the requirements of that expedition.


KC3 also comes with what is called the “Strategy Room”.  The strategy room is really what differentiates KC3 from Viewer.  The amount of information and the tools that it provides are extremely useful. To access this Strategy Room, click on the same symbol in the top right corner of your browser and select the “Strategy Room” tab.


By selecting the “Resources” section, you can see you resource gain over the last hour, week, and month.


By selecting the “Ledger” section, you can see a breakdown of where your resources are coming from, and where they are going. By hovering over the numbers in the center, you can also see how well you are doing compared to the expected numbers.


The “Ship List” section is fairly self-explanatory.  It’s a fantastic way to keep track of your girls and to see a bunch of useful statistics about them, as well as seeing who is equipped with what equiptment!


One of my favorite features is the “Leveling” section.  You can construct templates for maps and ship positions in fleets and the game will calculate the number of battles on that map until your ship girl will reach the level necessary for her next modernization!

There are tons of other features that KC3 has to offer, so get in there and explore, and if you have any other questions, feel free to join our discord! We are always willing to help!


Now that you’re into KanColle (assuming you followed our instructions) you are now ready to start collecting ship-girls like Pokémon! If you are experiencing problems getting into Kantai Colleection, want advice on how to play, or just feel like hanging out with other KanColle players don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re happy to answer your questions you have about the game, and we are more than willing to throw you an invite to our discord channel if you want to hang out. Be on the lookout for another KanColle guide soon, and be sure to catch our KanColle podcast (Episode 16). Cheers fellow Teitoku!




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