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The votes are in, and it would seem we’re getting a second dose of blond this time in the KanColle Spotlight. This will be the very first “foreign” ship covered by this piece, and she is one of the newest girls in the game itself. Those of you fortunate enough to follow me on Twitter will remember that it was a mere couple months ago that I completed the event which precluded KanColle’s first nationally British ship. For those of you in the dark, allow me to introduce you to…



Warspite is the first British ship in the KanColle fleet, and the second ship to be introduced from the allied powers of WW2. Though Kongou was built in jolly-ol-England, Warspite herself was directly in the service of the British government. She was introduced in the Summer 2016 KanColle event as the reward for clearing the last map, and since her inception the community has taken quite a liking to her (including myself). I spent the better part of a week or so leveling her up, and I’m happy to say my Warspite is currently level 76. While I probably wont see her in an anime adaptation anytime soon, I can take solace in the fact that I can see her in much of the fan art that has come out in the past month or so.


As I stated in the Kongou spotlight, battleships have high firepower and armor statistics in general. Warspite is no different in this aspect, except for the fact that she is not listed as a fast battleship like the Kongo sisters. Fast battleship is an in-game designation that is only important for pathing rules on some maps, so if you’re playing (or planning on playing) you only need to be aware of this fact for map-clearing purposes. Overall Warspite’s statistic reflect her slow yet powerful nature, with the 3rd highest firepower rate among battleships. Her line-of-sight and luck numbers are pretty high, and her anti-air capabilities are decent as well. Based on her numbers, Warspite seems like she’ll be a boon to many admirals in many events to come.


 Possibly the most surprising aspect of this new battleship is her voice actress. There have been multiple foreign ship-girls who make token attempts to speak their native language, but most of these are (sometimes comically) poor attempts at authenticity. While Warspite by-and-large speaks Japanese like all the other girls, her moments of English are not only surprisingly lucid, but she even employs a fairly convincing British accent. This would be rare enough without the knowledge that this seiyuu (Uchida Shuu) is a brand new voice actress. Hopefully we get much more from this promising new seiyuu, and I encourage you (even if you’re not a KanColle player) to go listen to her lines on the KanColle Wiki. Here are a few of them:

  • What’s this, admiral? Just what are you… planning to do with that hand of yours? Would you care to explain?
  • Admiral, are you free now? …Okay, he seems busy, never mind. Well, maybe I could drop by the Kongou girls’ place.
  • I am much obliged for your kindness.
  • Enemy ship is in sight! Open fire!



Warspite was the 2nd ship of the Queen Elizabeth class of battleships that were built for the Royal Navy. She was laid down in 1912, and commissioned in 1915. Due to the timing of her commissioning she was immediately pressed into the action of the first World War. In 1916 Warspite found herself in the Battle of the Jutlands, the largest naval engagement between the United Kingdom and Germany of WWI. Warspite managed to score her first hits of the war in this battle, but came away from the battle worse for ware due to the 150 hits she had received. Her remaining World War 1 service record was far less heroic, as the next two years would see Warspite repeatedly struck by misfortune until the armistice was signed in 1918.


The intervening years between the first and second World Wars proved to be relatively quiet for the stalwart British battleship. In the 30’s Warspite underwent an overhaul to her propulsion, arms, armor, and even her superstructure to modernize her for the war looming on the horizon. These changes included cranes that enabled Warspite to launch sea planes, but she only ever carried two at a time. While testing the ship after her refitting, it was discovered that her steering system still suffered from the damage sustained in the Jutlands. When war was declared Warspite was recalled from Malta to England to defend the home territory.


 World War 2 was where Warspite distinguished herself as the most decorated ship in the Royal Navy. During this time she would earn honors for being in or supporting 14 different battles in 3 theaters of the war. From the North Atlantic, to the Mediterranean Sea, and as far as the Indian Ocean the Warspite fought in support of allied operations. One of the most impressive of these battles was her role in the destruction of an Italian fleet in the Battle of Matapan. After two wars worth of sinking German (and eventually Italian) ships, she was finally decommissioned in the spring of 1945. A memorial stone for her remains near the seawall at Marazion.

TL;DR: Warspite (much like Kongou) hits like a brick shit-house, and looks good while doing it. Her stats are great among battleships, and her voice actress does a fantastic job portraying a British lady. Unfortunately she’s a very recent event drop, so don’t expect to see her anytime soon if you’re a new teitoku.


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